In this article you will find out whether someone loves you or not. Maybe someone loves you secretly and you don’t even know about that. Here I will share a trick that I’ve read from a book.

I’ll Ask you seven questions, and you’ve to note down the answers. You’ve have to write on a paper. And you can’t change the answer at the end of the article.

Q1: Where do you spend most of your time?

  • a) Your Friend’s House
  • b) School or Work
  • c) In Town
  • d) Home

Choose one option from above

Note These Point according to your answer

  • a) 10
  • b) 20
  • c) 30
  • d) 0

Q2: Which is Your Favorite Season?

  • a) Spring
  • b) Summer
  • c)Autumn
  • d) Winter


  • a) 0
  • b) 30
  • c) 10
  • d) 20

Q3: Where would you Love To GO?

  • a) Picnic
  • b) Movie
  • c) Romantic Dinner
  • d)Coffee


  • a) 30
  • b) 0
  • c) 20
  • d) 10

Q4: What do you think about yourself?

  • a) Loyal
  • b) Hardworking
  • c) Idle
  • d) Ordinary


  • a) 20
  • b) 10
  • c) 30
  • d) 0

Q5: Suppose, You are in danger. To whom would you like to call?

  • a) People Near You
  • b) Your Best Friend
  • c) Family Member
  • d) Nieghbour


  • a) 10
  • b) 20
  • c) 0
  • d) 30

Q6: What you usually do, When You’re free?

  • a) Listen Music
  • b) Read
  • c) Something Else
  • d) Shopping


  • a) 30
  • b) 20
  • c) 0
  • d) 10

Q7: With Whom would you like to go on Fun Spots?

  • a) Family
  • b) Colleague
  • c) Friends
  • d) Strangers


  • a) 30
  • b) 10
  • c) 20
  • d) 0

Now Add all numbers to get total

Under 50: You’ve not seen that person yet

60-100: Your co-worker or mate loves you

100-150: Your Friend Loves you

150-210: That Person Lives near you house


This is not the exact fact. These are just estimates.

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