4 Things Women Desperately Want From Men

If you want to know what women find attractive in men or what women want from men, then this article is going to help you. Here, we’ll discuss 4 things that women want from a man. It will surely help you to make your relationship better than before.

If you’re like the vast majority of men, you are either currently.. or have asked yourself, “what do women really want from a man?” Because it seems like there is an endless list of things that women want in a man. But the list isn’t that long. Here are 4 things women want.

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1- Romance

Romance is one of the most crucial elements of happiness and success in a relationship. To meet success, long-term relationships do take work. Many couples share in the sense that their relationships lack fulfillment after a period of time. While confusion in any relationship is part of the course, long-term feelings of neglect or a lack of desire are not.

You don’t have to send her flowers and gifts every day to be romantic. A romantic gesture could be anything that makes her feel important to you.

Romance includes these:

  • Actions or activities of novelty-actions executed for no other purpose than to enhance feelings of joy and connectedness
  • Small actions that convey adoration, affection, thoughtfulness, and love
  • Any act bring a couple closer and show
    adoration and thoughtfulness
  • Events or Class activities that add a touch of high living.

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2- Respect

People who respect each other support and trust each other and value each other’s independence. They also have the freedom to be themselves, talk freely and honestly, and make decisions and compromises together. They respect each other’s boundaries and encourage to spend time with friends and family. When you are in love with someone, you see just their good qualities, both inside and out. At the same time, you set aside their flaws and weaknesses, as to tolerate these as much as you can. Respect doesn’t work that way.

Reasons Why Respect is crucial for your Relationship

  • Respect teaches you the value of patience towards your partner.
  • Respect sees the good and learns to accept the flaws.
  • When you have respect, you won’t do things that may damage your relationship.
  • Respect nurtures trust.

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3- Independence

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to be dependent on your partner. Healthy relationships are about two independent people who share their lives and build a relationship together.

When things go wrong in the relationship each partner always prioritizes their personal needs over their needs as a couple. The couple’s “sense of independence” is toxic in situations in which they need to depend on one another to feel protected and important. It’s very important to be independent in a relationship. Healthy and successful relationships allow both partners to form a bond which helps them to not only grow together but also to grow independently as people.

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4- Your Attention

Attention means listen deeply, being totally present, having empathy and trying to see from our partner’s perspective. It means we’re not in a hurry to give advice and react, not in a hurry to interrupt. Our body language shows we are deeply listening. Paying attention to each other helps to grow the relationship, improves intimacy and keeps the ‘distance’ which often develops in long-term relationships. If you give importance to your partner’s need as yours, your relationship will continue to thrive.

Here are four Ways To Give Attention To Your Partner

  • Make Note Of What’s Going On In Their Lives
  • Learn How To Listen
  • Do More Things Together
  • Ask Questions

SUMMARY: What Women Want from Men

  1. Romance
  2. Respect
  3. Independence
  4. Your Attention

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