What is Unconditional LOVE? 5 Things You Must Know

What is unconditional love? Is it Really possible to someone love unconditionally? And How we can know that someone loves us Unconditionally? Here is the complete Guide...

What is Unconditional Love?

Unconditional love is when we care about someone without expecting anything in return. That is, if we really care about the health and happiness of another person without any expectation of reward. According to some experts, the unconditional love is only possible when you first do it with yourself. If you know your value well then you will not feel to depend on your partner for your sense of self-worth.

Many people believe that unconditional love is when you love someone unselfishly. It can happen between parents and children or master and a pet. However, unconditional love doesn’t mean to love someone limitlessly but it means we give our love to other person with no expectation of repayment. However, some people believe that it doesn’t exist, other say it exists but in a rare form. And in this article, you are going to learn What is Unconditional Love? And does it Really Exist?

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What is unconditional love
Things To Know About “What is Unconditional Love”

Unconditional Love is a Pure Emotion

It is a true love which is no doubt very precious. It is the most healing force in this universe. It is like no matter what the other person thinks, feels or does, we love him/her from the core of our heart. It is a pure emotion and not only applied on the other human but also for animals. 

It is a type of love that exist beyond bounds and this makes the reason to stay in any relationship forever no matter what the circumstances are. Being a human, we are desperately in need of unconditional love because without love and affection, it is not possible to live a happy life. The true love is not only necessary for physical, emotional and mental health but also important for spiritual well-being.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware that they are carrying a source of unconditional love within themselves and always try to find it in the external world. Most of us don’t know how to get this type of love and in order to get it often put ourselves in the wrong relationships which directly or indirectly harm us. Well, the fact of the matter is that without true love, we become desperate. And this desperation can lead us to get in a wrong relationship.  

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Does Unconditional Really Love Exists?

What is Unconditional Love: Does it even Exist? It is the ideal love form and every person want to be love as they are. We can’t deny the fact that unconditional love exists in this universe. As we love our kids without any condition but at the same time we also can’t ignore this reality that in our society this term has completely lost its meaning too. In fact we have also labeled conditional love as a “Love”.

In this modern era, as people are getting modern, their preferences are also changing with the time. We can’t say that unconditional doesn’t exist, it does but our preferences have been changed. We are sacrificing the love for the sake of materialism. 

However, some people also believe that unconditional love can only exist once we crossed the level of conditional love.

Condition of unconditional love:

When you love someone with all your heart and it’s not necessary that the other person loves you with the same intensity. When you carry pure emotions for someone without considering if he/she has also the pure emotions and feelings for you as well.

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Point to be noted:

Before going in depth of “What is Unconditional Love”, It is important to note that when you say you love someone unconditionally then it does not mean taking abuse from someone. In case someone abuses you emotionally or physically then loving them unconditionally means you can forgive them and don’t stop loving them, but you also have to detach yourself from that person in order to prevent them doing you additional harm.

It should not be the reason to stay in an unhealthy or abusive relationship. Because when you love someone wholeheartedly, healthy boundaries are important. It is important to keep this thing in your mind that Unconditional love is the pure love which means that you love someone regardless of any condition and circumstance, but not regardless of how are they treating you.

What is Unconditional Love

What is Difference Between Conditional and Unconditional Love?

You’ve learnt “What is Unconditional Love”. Now let’s talk about the difference between conditional and unconditional love.

When we love someone conditionally, we want them act according to our expectations. We think selfishly, and think others are accountable to fulfill our expectations or if they are not acting according to our expectations then they do not qualify for our affection. It is more like a deal but of course an unwritten deal.

On other hand, unconditional love is when someone loves without looking for any benefit. The person who falls in unconditional love will accept the other person for who they are. This type of love is free from any kind of deal or condition. 

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Who Falls in Love Unconditionally?

Those who decide that nothing is necessary in the life but only love and affection. Love is the pure feeling and the most exciting thing that happens to you. It is the affection without limitations. Those individuals who think that love is enough for them, truly understand the meaning of unconditional love and value it.  These individuals don’t set boundaries and limits. 

Positive Impacts of Unconditional Love:

Unconditional love is not something that happens to us only but it brings a lot of physical and chemical reactions to us as well. It has positive effects on our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional state that in return keep us healthy and happy. 

It brings joy, truth, harmony and of course stability. You feel more content with the force of this pure emotion called unconditional love. 

When someone starts to give unconditional love to others that removes the fear of anger and reprisal from other people. It open ways for the honest relationships and they feel emotionally stable.

When you share your love without any expectation with the world and the people around you it gives you positive energy which will be of course returned to you in one form or another in order to generate abundance, peace, and goodness that you really deserve in your life.

Once you start providing unconditional love to others then you will not need anyone to keep you happy but you will derive your own happiness. I hope this article has cleared all of your doubts about “What is Unconditional Love”.

The bottom line is, we all are in need of divine love and our mistake is that we want it from others. Love yourself first unconditionally and then spread it. 

What is Unconditional Love? (Summary)

Unconditional love is a form of love that we give someone without expecting anything from them. We Love them and don’t ask them to love us back. We love them, because it gives us happiness and satisfaction. It is far away from stalking someone and other creepy and crazy things like this.

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