What Do Guys Like in a Girl (7 Surprising Things They Love)

What do guys like in a girl? Love is very beautiful feeling, you know. But having a supporting and loving partner is like Heaven on the earth. Like girls, boys also look for certain things in their partners to live their entire life happily. If you are a girl, it will become really complicated for you to understand what guys want in a girl and what things they love about them. Here in this article, I’m going to explain everything very simply. Being a boy and a relationship consultant, I think I can cover this topic more precisely. So here, you’ll know “what do guys like in a girl” and “what they really like about girls”.

What Do Guys Like in a Girl (5 Things They Love)

what do guys like about girls - smile

1. Smile

“Be Happy and make other happy” this is our motto. If you wanna be truly happy in your life, the simple formula is make other happy and bring smile on their faces. And this is first and one of the most important things that guys want in a girl.

According to studies smiling makes you feel good by releasing the special chemicals like endorphins and other natural painkillers. So always be happy and smile not only to make others feel special but also for your own self.

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What guys love about girls - Trust

2. Trust

If you are looking for “What guys want in a girl”, I’ll tell you this one. Trust is the most important and fundamental part of any kind of relationship. If you can’t be able to build trust in your relationship, your relationship won’t be able to last for a longer period.

Never hide anything from your partner. For a boy, the thing that is most painful is, when his girlfriend cheats on him and always try to hide things that matter for him.

Trust is a mutual thing. It should always be two sided. First, trust him and then do stuff that will make him trust you. Tell him your secrets, when you feel like you’ve build a good bond and it’s okay to tell him your kind a personal things.

  • Build Trust by keeping his secrets
  • Tell your secrets to him to let him know you trust him
  • Don’t share his personal information even with you BFF

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What Do Guys Like in a Girl - LOOKS MATTER

3. Looks

What do guys like in a girl? Believe it or not, this world is full of materialistic things. Everyone, first look the physical appearance of the person they wanna build such kind of sensitive relationship. Looks always matter for a boy. If the girl is pretty and cute, the boy will more likely to fall in love with her.

You might see a lot of Youtube videos and articles on “looks doesn’t matter”. But believe me, this is not the reality. And I’m not ashamed to tell you what is the truth and what is just a fantasy. 

  • Take care of your skin by following proper skin care routine
  • Get updates about latest fashions and trends
  • Wear stylish and comfortable dress
  • Have your own unique style

what do guys like in a girl - emotions

4. Emotions

Yeah, Emotions are everything. Human lifestyle and behaviours mainly depend on this thing. It could be anything, happiness, sadness, enjoyment. And in a relationship these play a very important role. Boys always look for a partner who is emotionally supportive.

Whenever I’m a sad, I always look for a shoulder to grieve on, and when happy, look for someone to give a tight hug. In short, We need someone who is happy with our happiness and sad with out sadness.

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What do guys want - support

5. Support

What do guys like in a girl? SUPPORT. This life is a journey, which is full of difficulties. And in this path of obstacles, sometimes you need to take some courageous decisions. And at that time the only thing you might need is “Support”. If a girl is always there to support us in every circumstance, we’d love it. 

  • Guys Like girl who can sacrifice her desires for his dreams
  • Be A Girl who is always with her boy in the worst financial situation
  • Don’t ask him for expensive gifts if he is low in budget

what do guys like in a girl - emotionaly stable

6. Emotionally Stable

Being emotionally stable is also very important in relationship. Girls are usually more emotional than boys and create big problems of small things. For example, if a boyfriend tells his girlfriend you were not looking that good today. She will create a whole story in her mind that his boyfriend insulted her and he is not interested in her anymore. That’s why you always ignore me, avoid me and look at other girls, because you don’t find me attractive now and blah, blah, blah.

This kind of behaviour will lead to breakups, divorce and more intense situations. And to avoid this you must be emotionally stable. Emotionally stable girls are more helpful for their boyfriends, because they don’t cause headache and stress for them. So write it down in your notes if you are looking for what do guys like in a girl and what qualities guys want their girlfriend should have.

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what do guys want in a girl - not mean to others

7. Girl Who is not Mean to Others 

What do guys like in a girl? A Mean Girl who always gossips and talk bad about other girls? NEVER. If you are already doing it, please stop it, this is the worst quality a girl could have.

  • Mind your own Business
  • Change the Topic When Friends start talking bad about someone else
  • While talking bad about someone, imagine yourself on that person’s place

And most important thing is to find out your weakness and work on it to improve yourself. This is also one of the reason we talk bad about someone else to heal our own inferiority.

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what do guys like in a girl and what they don't

What They Don’t Like about Girls

First we talked about what do guys like in a girl and what they really want. Now we will enlighten the other part of it, What they hate and don’t like about girls. 

  • Being Dishonest
  • Too Desperate 
  • Arrogance 
  • Flirting with other Guys to make their Partner Jealous
  • Being Attention Seeker

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