Tooth Arose in a Danish Nose

Denmark: Anxious person suffering from a continuous two years of nose pain and difficulty in breathing was found relaxed when doctors drew out the tooth growing in his nose.

The 59-year-old man in Denmark told doctors that his nose flow for two years and a part of the nose is constantly closed while the smell of the body has also been severely affected. Although his face was severe at the earliest but the doctors ignored it.

Dr. Micro Flyglings, who played an important role in the treatment, said that the patient’s nose had a tooth since a long time, but he felt it late . Tooth operation was done in the University of Orthodox.

First the patient was CT scanned and then the tooth was drained by endoscopy and surgery. From 1959 to 2008, only 23 patients of this disease have been seen in the world. Though its final reason is not inconvenient, experts believe that, tooth can arise in by accident, injury, birth or other reason.

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