6 Unexpected Signs Someone is Attracted To You

You might have read hundreds of articles on how to know if someone likes you or attracted to you. And finally, you are here. But this article is going to be a bit different from those that you have read. In this article, we’ll talk about 6 signs someone is attracted to you and secretly loves you.

As people always say “Actions speak louder than words.” Therefore, you might have observed this as well. Here are 6 signs someone is attracted to you:


If you want to know that someone is interested in you, then you should observe his/her eyes. It is quite natural that if someone is attracted to you, then they will try to make long eye contact with you.

  • According to numerous researchers, it is really helpful for people to remember someone if they have better eye contact.
  • So, if you have long-lasting eye contact with someone, you might consider making a deeper connection with that person.
  • If that eye contact results in a smile exchange then you will be more desperate in having a conversation with that person.
  • According to reports, the enchanting smile and a decent look attract someone towards you more vigorously.
  • According to studies, the feel of attraction between both men and women started within 10secs.

It is believed that eye contact is a clear indication of someone’s attraction. Therefore, We have listed it first in our list of 6 signs someone is attracted to you.

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2. They’ll find Excuses To Touch You

If someone is strongly attracted to you, then they will not miss any chance to make physical contact with you. They will try to tap on your hand, arm or even your shoulder. Or, they will just try to become more playful. I mean to say, they will not miss any chance to interact with you physically.

Moreover, they will try to touch your hair, clothes and try to have a handshake with you for a long time.

  • Mostly, males like to make a physical interaction with women they like.
  • If that person is a good guy or a girl then they will keep in mind your comfort zone.
  • A single touch of that person will let you know about his/her intent and gestures.

3. They’ll Mirror And Mimic You

And a person, who has strong feelings for you, will mirror and mimic all your actions. This is how that particular person will try to interact and connect with you. According to experts, this is known as the Mirror Neuron System. And, this is regarded as a major element of interaction between two human beings.

  • Mirroring as well as mimicking are often unconscious and conscious nature.
  • You might have observed that an older couple has perfect sync as compared to a younger one.

It is acknowledged that mimicking and mirroring helps in the development of affection. This is how you can observe that someone is attracted to you.

According to experts, mimicking helps in the production of positive feelings. Some other things that you might notice that a particular person might try to copy a number of things about you.

  • For example, if you love to wear bracelets then that person will copy you.
  • If you love black color, then he/she will wear a black color for you.
  • And, if you love to spend time with pets, then he/she will borrow a pet to impress you.

Moreover, he/she might copy the way you pronounce a particular word. This is how you can observe that someone is interested in you.

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4. Laugh At All lame Jokes

If you observe that a person laughs so hard even you have some lame. Apart from this, he will not mind the corny jokes from you. As the expert says that once love chemicals in human’s brains are high, they will love everything about you. It does not matter if you are doing anything wrong, they will love everything about you.

It does not stop here, he/she will complement everything about you by saying “how funny you are” and “how easy you make him laugh.” If that person compliments you by saying “ how cute” even with goofy and witty jokes. Then, you should know he/she is flirting with you.

According to researchers, a number of people in the current era find humor sexier. You might have observed that humor in early dating days increases the attraction. Because humor is the only thing that brings a man near to a particular woman.

5. They become Protective Of You

You might have observed that in crowded areas, that person who is interested in you, protects you from other people. That person will let you pass through the as crowded area or traffic jam easily. Moreover, he will try to hold your hand during all this. This is what someone does when he/she is interested in you. The main reason behind all these actions is to let you know that he/she cares for you. Therefore, a protective person will protect and defend you against things you do not like. And This is one of the best signs someone is attracted to you.

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6. They Like Doing You Favors if They are Attracted To You

 A person who is strongly attracted to you will do a lot of favors to you. As a matter of fact, that person puts extra effort into doing your work as compared to others. Apart from this, he/she will ignore his/her tough schedules to interact with you. They just make sure that you should be more comfortable.

For example, a man is interested in a girl, then he will ignore his workload just to make sure she reaches parlor on time. Moreover, he will try to wait for her until she gets ready and will drop her back home.

Obviously, he/she is doing you a favor not for listening to a thank you for you. He/she wants something more from you. It does not mean that a particular person is looking to have a more physical connection with you, it might be something else. Such as he/she might want to marry you.

Its time to wrap up our list of 6 signs someone is attracted to you. I hope you have found this post very helpful. If you do, then share it with your friends, who want to know if someone is interested in them. Please do let us know about other methods and tips that we should consider in this blog.

How To Know if Someone is Attracted To You

  • They make longer eye contact
  • Make physical contact
  • Mirror you
  • They laugh at your lame jokes
  • Try To Protect You
  • They like doing you favors


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