6 Signs She Secretly Loves You But is Afraid To Admit

Looking for a perfect partner is not the easiest thing. Especially for boys because girls are more complicated than boys. They don’t express their feelings so easily. When You love a girl, then you bound to look for the signs she secretly loves you. As I have told you before that girls are not so expressive, so they try to hide their feelings even if they are deeply in love with someone.

Now You probably have a question, How To know if a girl likes you or not. If it is so difficult, then does it mean that I can’t even know what she feels for me. I love her deeply from the depth of my heart. So I want to know, does she likes me or not. Don’t Worry Buddy. In this article, we are going to give you some tips and advice that will help you to know whether she likes you or not. We’ll discuss the 6 signs she secretly loves you. If she is giving these seven signs, then it means that she loves you, but she’s afraid to tell.

Signs She Loves You But is Afraid

It often happens, when we love someone, we try to hide it because we are afraid of rejection. And sometimes we don’t feel good enough for that beautiful person. We don’t express our love just because of our insecurities and fears. So if she is hiding her love for you, then it means that she might not be feeling good about herself, and wants you to take the first step. Here are the 6 Signs She Secretly Loves You and wants you to take action first.

Signs She Secretly Loves You : smile

1- She Smiles At You Often

A smile makes you more attractive and beautiful. And girls know this fact pretty well, and they try to get the whole benefit of that. A girl often smiles at a person she likes without any reason. You’ll notice when she is talking to someone else, and you pass through her way or you are looking at her, she will suddenly raise her voice and will try to show more interest in the conversation with the smiling face. So that you can notice her. She is doing all of these things just for your attention. And it is a clear sign that she secretly loves you but is hiding her feelings.

She is giving you a signal that she is available for the first conversation. So what you can do, to make a connection with her.

  • Make Eye Contact but Don’t Stare
  • Give Her A Warm And Confident Smile
  • Break The Barrier by Starting Conversation
  • Don’t rush, wait for the right time

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Signs She Secretly Loves You : eye contact

2- She Makes Longer Eye Contact with You

Eye Contact is a very powerful communication tool that helps to build a connection between two people. So if someone is overusing this tool then it means, that person wants to build a deep connection with you. A connection that could be the base of the relationship between the two of you.

Normal eye contact is between 3-5 secs. So if a girl looks into your eyes more than that time without saying a single word, then it means that she likes you and wants to build a strong connection with you. By using prolonged eye contact, she is telling you that she secretly loves you but scared to tell you through her words. Maybe it’s not the right time to express her feelings, Because she is not assured you like her or not. And it’s one of the best signs she secretly loves you.

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Signs She Secretly Loves You  eye contact

3- She Tries To be Around You

She’ll always find some ways to be around you if she is genuinely interested in you. If you are going to ground to play soccer, you can see her sitting on a chair, watching your game. Or you go to the library for reading a book, she’ll be there, sitting next to you, reading an interesting book. When we like someone we try to stay around them. It’s because of two reasons.

  • We Want Them To Notice Us
  • We Want To Know More About Them

Why we want them to notice us and why we want to know more about them? The Only One Answer: Because We Like Them and Want them to be a part of our life, a very interesting part.

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Loves You  she looks away

4- She Looks Away When You Look at Her

When you look at her, she’ll suddenly look away and act shy around you. Before when you were not familiar with her, she was making prolonged eye contact, and now she is avoiding eye contact, why? It’s because now she knows you like her. Maybe she is feeling nervous and a bit uncomfortable. At That Time what you need to do:-

  • Be Around her but don’t stare at her
  • Talk To Her
  • Smile at Her When she makes Eye Contact

These were the 4 Signs Someone Secretly Loves You, Now let’s move to the next one.

signs she likes you

5- She Touches You Often

Touch is one of the 5 love languages to express the feeling of love and affection. It’s such a universal language that even animals can understand it. When you touch someone, they can feel your love through it. So, if a girl is trying to make physical contact with you, she is trying to touch your hair, pat your shoulder or a warm handshake, then it is a sign that she likes you.

Touch expresses not only someone’s true feelings but also that person’s intention. If someone truly loves you, he/she touch you in a good and acceptable way. And if someone is trying to touch your private parts, then you need to stay away from that person.

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signs she is interested in you

6- She Secretly Loves You, if She Asks Questions

You read the 5 signs she secretly loves you. Now it’s time for the 6th and the last one. Number six sign is, she asks you a lot of Questions. Asking questions means that she is taking an interest in you and your life. And being interested in someone’s life means that you like that person. So now you can say that she likes you. Now it’s the right time to start a relationship with her if you truly love her and don’t want to miss the opportunity.

6 Signs She Secretly Loves You

  1. She Smiles at You Often
  2. She Makes longer eye-contact
  3. She Tries To Be Around you
  4. She Looks Away When You Look at Her
  5. She Touches You Often
  6. She Asks Questions

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