21 Signs of a Trustworthy Man You Might Not Know

Trustworthy Men Never Do This... Here are the 21 undeniable signs of a trustworthy man you must have to know if you before you have a relationship with him.


Trust is a measure of belief in honesty, fairness, and benevolence. Trust in any relationship is fundamental for a happy, satisfactory, and successful life. A trustworthy man is to whom you can believe blindly and who is reliable. He is trustworthy when you become dependent and willingly relies on the actions of the person. It’s very difficult to run a relationship without trust. You can’t live with a man who isn’t trustworthy. Here is this article we’ll tell you the 21 undeniable signs of a trustworthy man.

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21 Signs of Trustworthy Man

21 Signs of a Trustworthy Man

You might be in the first stages of your relationship and not sure whether you should trust your partner or not. This article covers everything about it. Here are the 21 signs of a trustworthy man. See whether you find these signs in your boyfriend or not.

1- Sincere

A trustworthy man is always sincere and genuine with you. He gives you fair suggestions, the same way as he thinks for himself and always has empathetic feelings for you. A sincere man with good intentions tells you what is right and what is wrong for you. 

If you want to do any job or if you want to have some friends who can be a boy or a girl, he won’t be possessive and will give you a sincere suggestion. Whether you find the suggestion good or bad, but his sincere advice will always be in your best interest.

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2- Doesn’t Tell Lie

A trustworthy man never tells a lie with you and about you in your absence. He always speaks the truth in every condition. He never hides and skips anything from you. He will honestly tell you everything about his past affairs.

3- Doesn’t Open You in Front of Others

He always hides your weaknesses in front of others and saves you from evils eyes. He never reveals or discloses your secrets to anyone, and never discusses your personal issues with anyone.

4- Heart Touching Behaviour and Attitude

A trustworthy man behaves nicely, talks to you politely and acts affirmatively because actions speak louder than words. He shows gratitude, positive, consistent, calm and respectful behavior. Your friends and family also feel comfortable with him. 

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5- Honest and Loyal

Honesty and loyalty help you to win his trust. A loyal man never freaks out when you touch his phone and never flirt with other girls.

6- Always Trusts You

Trust is the foundation of love. A trustworthy guy always trusts you and he never asks any explanations to prove your faithfulness. He consults you on every important matter.

7- Maturity

A guy chooses to do what is right for you and has patience. He doesn’t stalk you like FBI agent, has control over himself and doesn’t get too emotional.

8- Shares His Plans with You

Sharing makes the relationship stronger. A trustworthy man keeps you updated with his daily life activities. But if Unknowingly he forgets something to tell you, then it doesn’t mean that he is not trustworthy.

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9- Always Be With You in Your Good and Bad Time

It can be your good or bad time that makes a mark on your memory. A Trustworthy man will always be there to support you in your bad times and celebrate with you on your happy moments.

10- Understands Your Intentions

If you do something that doesn’t seem good, he won’t be panic and will understand your intentions behind that. He’ll always try to resolve conflicts with his good manners.

11- Shows His Love & Affection

A trustworthy man shows his love in public as well as in private. He never disrespects you in front of others and will always try to show his love for you. He’ll show his love through words of affirmations or by giving you gifts.

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12- Accepts You with Your Flaws Unconditionally

He accepts you with all good and bad in you and never sees for any chance to point a finger on you. He never expects anything from you but still loves unconditionally. He makes you feel that you are good enough.

13- Cooperative

Cooperative nature makes you feel confident. You can trust the guy more who makes you feel confident. When you have a dream, and guy supports you and stays with you in all thick and thins of life to fulfill your dreams, then no one can be more trustable than him. 

14- Problem Solver

If a guy tries to solve your problems and give his best to bring the things back to the track, then he is a trustworthy man. He is doing all of these things just for you. You can trust him and tell him everything about yourself.

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15- Gives You Time

A trustworthy man gives you priority over others, cares for you, never spoils the plans without any genuine reason. He replies to your calls and messages asap doesn’t make lame excuses.

16- Doesn’t get Irritated and Teased

If you do anything with him for fun or to tease him, he won’t get irritated by your acts. Rather we’ll try to find ways to get in touch with you.

17- Doesn’t Criticize you

He will always appreciate your efforts and won’t criticize you on the things you are not good at. And will always try to encourage to improve yourself.

18- Respectful and Compromising

A man is trustworthy, when he respects you and compromises on things, even if he doesn’t like them. He accepts if you take any decision, gives you the freedom and never asks you to change. 

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19- Respect Your Loved Ones

Relations play a vital role in our lives. A trustworthy man respects your loved ones and doesn’t feel hesitant in introducing you to his loved ones. 

20- Doesn’t make False Promises

A trustworthy man never makes the promise he can’t keep. He means what he says, and what he says, he means it.

21- Down to Earth and Simple

Being down to earth and simple is one of the great signs of a trustworthy man. If your man is very simple, straight forward and only make promises that are possible, then he worths your trust.

21 Signs He is a Trustworthy Man

Conclusion: Signs of a Trustworthy Man

If you know the signs of a trustworthy man such as sincerity, honesty, respect, cooperation, and maturity, it becomes easier for you to find a perfect boyfriend to whom you can trust which will help you to spend a happy, successful and satisfactory life.

Written by: Iqra Majeed

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