Ridiculous City Names in United States

We'll tell you the Ridiculous City Names in United States, knowing whom you will be unable to stop laughing.

Surely you have read or heard about a lot of things that attract your attention to their strange and unique characteristics. These things can be natural or made by humans. But beside all of these, sometimes we see those things which make laugh.

We’ll tell you the details of the names of small towns in a developed country like America, knowing whom you will be unable to stop laughing.

1- Burnt Corn, Alabama

One of the most exemplary names of cities on food nutrients is this town of Alabama. Some people say that at this place the European settlers burned the fields of the Redendines, while some people believed that the matter was opposite – the Redendines burned the settlers’ fields.

Nevertheless, the fact is, the history tells us that in 1813 there was a fight between both the groups. And the Redendines won.

2- Why, Arizona

Why is this town called ‘Why’? this is because the State Highways the numbers 85 and 86 form “Y” shape coming to this place. According to the law of the State Arizona, any city name must be contained at least three characters. Therefore, the inhabitants of this town have changed its name from ‘Y’ to ‘WHY’.

3- No Name, Colorado

This town has a special significance in the towns of funny names, because its name is ‘No Name’. The Credits of this extraordinary name goes on to the builders who were building the Inter-State road number 70. They left many exit street routes without clear marks. When a Officer of Colorado Department of Transportation went to mark these routes, he wrote ‘No Name’ on the external route number 119. That’s why this town doesn’t have any name since then. State officials once tried to name the region but local residents opposed it.

4- Accident, Maryland

In order to know the reason for this strange name, we will have to go to the very end of the last 1700. It is said that when Maryland was a colony, then there were two surveyors named ‘Brooke Beall’ and ‘William Dixon Junior’, both of them were friends too, liked one piece of land, and they applied for achieving it. Both were unaware that they wanted to take the same place. When Deakins discovered this, he returned his request because ‘Beall’ had applied for it first. So the end of the story was good and due to an accidental consensus, the area was named ‘Accident’.

5- Hell, Michigan

“Go To Hell”. Sometimes it happens that if someone says “go to Hell” it is not necessary that he is expressing anger, but maybe he is telling you the direction.

The story of the town is something that a person named “George Reeves” The story of the town is something that a person named “George Reeves” who had placed a flour grinding mill in the central area of State Michigan. He used to offer a tranquil liquor to the coming farmers to grind flour. When somebody in the fields asks the wives of those farmers about them, where are they? Then they respond with Jealousy : “They have gone back to hell”. Thus the town’s name became Hell.