5 Questions To Ask Your Crush that will Bring You Closer

If you’re one of those who don’t know how to start a conversation with your crush. Then you are in the right place. Keep in mind that conversation is a difficult task, knowing that it is also your first impression on your crush. 

In addition, your questions should be simple and clear to understand. Putting wrong questions in front of your crush can make your game over. So, be smart enough to choose the right question, not the cheesy ones.

In order to break the ice, you don’t have to look any further. I’ve collected the best ones for you. These are all the helping questions to ask your crush that will bring you closer. 

First thing you have to keep in mind that you don’t wait for the right moment because there isn’t any unless you go and make one. So grab the first opportunity you get.

5 Questions to ask your crush that will bring you closer

Go to your crush and give you some brief introduction. To start the conversation, it is essential that she/he has some idea about who you are.  

1. Start with your crush favorites

This is the best, or we can say the most decent way to start your conversation with your crush. Questions to ask your crush should be like that

  • who is your favorite author
  • what is your favorite place to hang out with friends or family?
  • Or ask things related to her hobbies.

Then show some similar interest in her hobbies.

You can use some pickup lines to make your conversation amusing and interesting. If your crush is more involved than you, it means that you have done your part of the job very well. These questions can also help you to know your crush better.

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2. Ask about the one thing

To take your conversation ahead, you have to use a bit more personal tone. This means that you should have some questions to ask your crush like,

  • what is the one thing that you are proud of?
  • What is the one thing that makes you smile?
  • Or ask your crush to share the most memorable memory he\she have of childhood?

If you get the answer to these questions, then you are giving the idea to your crush that you’re not here for friendship. But you are looking for something else or something serious. Such questions can really help you put your case in front of your crush. 

As these are the happy moments of your crush life and try to remember the answer to such questions for a long time. This way, you can re-organize those moments to get some bonus points from your crush. Like, planning a date keeping in view all those things.

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3. Ask about your crush regrets

Moving on to the next level, you can ask about your crush regrets in life. Like what are those things your crush does in his\her life, and after doing this, he regrets it till now.

To ask her such a question, you can build the environment by sharing your experiences at first. Then asking her such a question won’t make her feel uncomfortable. You can ask her like what is the one thing you end up regretting about? What is the biggest failure you have to deal with? What is the decision you regret taking in your life?

Now, if you manage to get the answer to these questions, then you should know that no matter what, you have to keep it to yourselves. Don’t you ever make the mistake of sharing it with your friends or anyone else? 

Also, this would be the right moment for you to think that your crush also has some feelings for you. Because no one answers such a question to someone whom they don’t trust or have some feelings for them.

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4. Ask some amusing questions

Further questions to ask your crush, you can also try some amusing ones. To get the ball in your court completely, you can show your crush your humor as this work, most of the time, and everyone, find it attractive and interesting.

For this purpose, you can ask your crush that you would be able to give your finger up to one burger a day for your whole life.  How many pairs of shoes do you own? If you have to leave your country with just three things, what would those things be?

These questions will make your crush smile. You can also make your own ones like I would show you my world, but I am sure that you own a mirror. Making somebody smile is an easier task to do. But while doing that, you should know that you don’t cross the line. So prepare yourself before putting it out. 

5. Alternative questions you can ask

You can also ask some alternative questions if you do think that the above ones are not the right fit in your case. Then you can come up with such general questions like what is the thing that makes you keep going in your life? Tell me something about your dreams? What motivates you? What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done in your life?

These are the questions to ask your crush. If you follow these ones, then you can conquer your crush’s heart. This won’t let you give up easily, even if you are not good at talking. 

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Questions to ask your crush is not an uphill task, so don’t make it one. Just keep your intentions clear and be honest. Don’t make it some sort of competition for yourselves. This way, you won’t feel nervous.

Just go to your crush with a happy face and no hopes. Then ask those questioned mentioned above. Everything will go according to the plan. This is the best way you can get the answer whether you and your crush have some future or not.

Besides, the trick of saying it directly like I am interested in you wouldn’t be the right thing to do, in my opinion. As it gets too old and no one replies positively to such things. Make sure to ask the questions which I have mentioned above and do let me know in the comment section whether they worked for you or not.

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