Mexican Man is Being Punished For The Murder of a Living Man

On May 26, 2019, Manuel Giorgio Ramido
Waldwinos will be imprisoned in jail for the whole 19 years. He was sentenced to 43 years in prison for the murder of a person allegedly alive and healthy.

Waldwinos was a musician at a Texas school in Mexico. On May 26, 2000, his son was a month old, he returned to the house to attend the domestic ceremony. At the same time, 8 police commandos blew in their house, knocked and dragged him into a car without number plates. He was arrested without warrants.

He was taken to the local police station, where his hands were hanged with metal chains. The police gave him electric shock and accused him of killing a person, to whom he didn’t know.

At that time Waldwinos was 22 years old.

During the judicial proceedings, police officers alleged that he has killed Manuel Martinez Elizabeth. Waldwinos had once given some money to
Manuel Martinez. The family of Manuel Martinez did not have any food, but Waldwinos had helped them. But there was no debate or argue in that regard.

The situation became so strange when the father of Marilyn Martinez told police officers at the police station that Waldwinos did not kill his son. The son of my friend killed him. The In charge replied that look carefully, you told three people and they are here. Then the public prosecutor’s office was provided everything.

Waldwinos claimed that Manuel Martinez’s father had promised 150000 $ to the agents for trapping me in the case. Waldwinos later found that Manuel Martinez’s father dramatized his son’s death to get $ 1 million of insurance funds.

Waldwinos and his wife claimed that Manuel Martinez went to America, He got Plastic Surgery and started living there with different names. Still, he visits his father in Mexico.

He meets his father in that house, which he has made from the money he received from the insurance.

The evidence presented against Waldwinos was also very funny.

In the last 19 years, Waldwinos and his wife have made all possible efforts to end the sentence. He wrote a letter to all judges, judicial heads, governors and judges of Mexico and requested an inquiry into the uncertainty of the matter, but they did not get any response.

Because of no legal means in Mexico, Waldwinos filed his case in the International Court of Human Rights, where his case was investigated. After the investigation, the court ordered his protection under the Istanbul Protocol.

In principle, Waldwinos had to be released after the court orders and all those people should have been punished who tortured him and caught him in that case. But Waldwinos is still in prison waiting for JUSTICE.