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5 Tricks For How To Get A Girl To Like You

How To Get A Girl To Like You
So, you are a boy and there's a girl you like. And you want her to like you back. You can do this by showing your interest in her and get noticed by being her friend. Here, we are going to talk about 5 psychological tricks for how to get a girl to like you back. So, follow these instructions if you want to impress that special girl.

How To Text Your Crush – Do’s And Dont’s

how to text your crush and start conversation
Here in this article we are going to tell you how to text your crush and stay sane at the same time. When we text someone we love, we usually make some mistakes that can make them feel bad and uncomfortable. So before texting your crush, you need to know these basic things first. Sometimes it becomes nerve-racking when you are going to text someone you have a crush on. Here we'll tell you the Do's and Don'ts of texting to your crush so you can get him/her to ask you out.