Japan’s Jails Turned Into Old Age Homes

Japan’s elderly people now intentionally commit crimes and laugh happily to jail. The people of the town carry things out of the shops and are present on the spot until the arrival of the police. They like to stay in jail to avoid poverty and isolation.
At present, more than 20% of the prisoners in Japan’s imprisonment are 65 years and older.

This rate is 3 times higher than 20 years ago.

Though Japanese strictly follow their laws, but now elders prefer to be imprisoned by breaking the law.
Japan’s elderly citizens spend hardly with 800 euros – the basic pension. That is why they prefer neat and regular lives of the prison.

Like Japan, South Korean people also deliberately like to be jailed. This is because of mental stress and work abundance. People in South Korea do not have to commit a crime in jail. They can go to prison by paying for it.