Japanese Teen Transformed Himself into A Boy Doll

Matt Quota has just transformed himself from a normal human being into a Boy Doll

Tokyo: In Japan a young man wanted to become a pit, after which he followed himself for plastic surgery to show himself as Boy Doll.

The 24-year-old artist and model Mate Kuvavata is the son of Japanese baseball player Angami Kwota, and now he has turned into a boy doll, and his photos and videos are increasingly popular in Japan.

Some people called him a prince and some called him a character of animation films. If you see his two year old pictures, you can’t believe how he changed himself completely. His face for changing consistently since past two years, and now he has entirely turned into a pit.

Mate has also advertised and promoted make-up and other beauty products and spent money on her face. When asked questions regarding his gradual change, he said that he only do make up but later he also acknowledged surgery.

He is getting famous on Instagram and his fan following is increasing very fast.

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