How To Text Your Crush – Do’s And Dont’s

Here in this article we are going to tell you how to text your crush and stay sane at the same time. When we text someone we love, we usually make some mistakes that can make them feel bad and uncomfortable. So before texting your crush, you need to know these basic things first.

Although texting is a very easy thing to do, it does not require any kind of rules, but sometimes it becomes nerve-racking when you are going to text someone you have a crush on. Here we’ll tell you the Do’s and Don’ts of texting to your crush so you can get him/her to ask you out.


Here are the Do’s of How to Text your crush and start conversation with them.

1- Use Emojis

Don’t use it in every text or you could look a little superficial. But a well placed and timed Emoji can bring fun and life to your messages. There are a lot of Emojis with which you can express your feeling through text.

2- Have Something To Talk About

While messaging to your crush the second thing that you need to consider is you must have something to talk about instead of saying “what’s up”. Ask them about something you know they are interested in. Let them know you are asking a question and want to know the answer. Your concern is with the answer not with them. Once they know you are doing this just for conversation they could start ignoring you.

If you have mutual friends, then this a great thing. If they do not know you, they won’t reply to your message. So first have some mutual friends and hang out with them. When you see your crush and a mutual friend go to them and start a conversation.

3- Stop Checking Your Phone

Texting to your crush and wait for their reply is usual for everyone. Everyone wants a reply from their crush. But this thing sometimes makes you more desperate and unattractive.

Send messages and then forget about it. If you sent them a message and they didn’t reply, don’t double message them. It will only show that how desperate you are. They will try to run away from you.

Don’t s

Now let’s Talk about the Don’ts of how to text your crush, So you make any mistake to make them uncomfortable.

1- Don’t Rush

Sometime you get too fast. That’s because your phone is always in your pocket and you check your phone again and again to see if your crush replied or not. And you get disappointed every time you check your phone and text them another message. This shows that you are dying to talk to them that will make you very unattractive. So put your Phone Down. Relax and keep calm.

2- Don’t Send Nudes

It will be very shameless to send nudes to someone you like. First, let me clear that if you truly love that person you won’t ever do this. But you are doing it, then it’s not love dear, it’s lust. If you really love them then you won’t have a dirty mind toward them.

Don’t send them wrong messages. They will get uncomfortable with it. But if you have spent some time with them. And they are okay with it, then you can send them those messages. But keep in mind that do not send them sexy messages every time. There are a lot of things to talk about beside sex.

3- Don’t Play Games

There are a lot of dating coaches who will tell you to wait for a certain amount of time before texting to someone back. Ignore them and play games with them. This totally BS. Your goal is to keep your relationship going with that person. But if you play games with them you might lose them. So don’t play games with them and be genuine and real toward them, they will like you back.