How to Talk to Girls and Get Them Attracted

If you want to know how to talk to girls and get them attracted then this post might help you. Here we will talk about some basic things and fundaments that every guy should know before going to have the first conversation with someone they love.

Talking to girl is not as difficult as we think. The Problem is not that we can’t talk, but the problem is we love them. And that’s why we are afraid because we don’t want to look like a stupid in front of them. So here are some tips that will surely help you in talking to girls perfectly like an alpha male.

How To Talk To Girls

Start the Conversation 

Starting a conversation is something that every one of you does not know properly. You should know how to start a conversation with a particular girl. However, this is not really complicated. Most importantly, you do not need to learn some picky line or jokes to impress a girl. Just try to stay really simple and present a better image of yourself. Still, confuse? Do not worry, I am here to provide you with some example of starting a conversation with a girl.

  • Be direct

Avoid silly jokes and try to be simple and straightforward. Tell that special girl exactly why you are trying to reach her. For instance

 “Hey, I just saw you and thought you were really cute. I had to walk over and say hi.”

  • Situational

Do not know how to start a conversation? start by giving a reference for an environment around you. Let say if you are standing at the top roof of some hotel or some picnic spot, you can say:

“This view is crazy, huh? I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

  • Simple

Do not start with lame jokes, just keep it simple. If you are not funny enough, then try not to show yourself as a witty person. It will only make you unattractive and stupid. So, You can say this:-

“Hey, how’s it going?” It’s simple but effective. However, your intent will matter a lot. You are attracted to that girl just because of her physical appearance, or you truly love her unconditionally.

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 Ask Open-Ended Questions

Once your conversation gets started with a girl, you need to make sure that your conversation should not end. And, the best way to do that is to ask some short questions such as yes/no questions. Moreover, try to ask some open-ended questions that only require one or two-word response.

Here are some examples that you should consider.” Where did you go to school?”, “What do you do?”, and “Where are you from?” You can also ask such type of questions. All you need to do is to continue asking some open-ended questions else the conversation will become boring and flat.

Normally, the open-ended questions require more extended as well as deeper response. Therefore, it is easy for you to trigger a girl again and again to express herself. So, these questions have their own importance. If you think that you are perfect in this case, you can just open any conversation. And, this will ease you in starting a talk with a girl.

Here are some examples of open-ended questions that will surely help you to start a conversation with your crush and take it to a deeper level.

 You: “What do you do?”

Her: “I’m a writer.”

You: “Cool cool. How did you get into that?” [open-ended]

Her: “Well, my dad was a writer, and ever since I was a kid, I always had a dream of owning some great writing skills. So this was the first big step. It’s been pretty cool so far, but I’m working a lot.

You: “Oh, wow, that’s great. I like those girls who are not afraid to go for their dreams. What inspires you for writing?H

 You should ask some deeper questions with above-mentioned open-ended questions. For instance, ask “What did you like about it?” instead of asking “Did you like it?”

These questions will really help you in knowing more about that girl.

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Use the Right Topics

If you want to know how to talk to girls and keep the conversation interesting, then this is a very important step that you must need to consider. You might have noticed that your friend, who is always around by cute girls, always find right conversation topics while talking to a girl because he knows how to talk to girls and make them attracted. It’s not such a big deal. You can also learn some tricky communicational skills and can make any girl crazy for you.

Here are a few things that you should consider while starting a good conversation topic:

  • Helps you connect with her

Pick those topics that focus on her, such as her dreams, her experiences, and what she loves to do.

  • Pushes the date forward

Change the current topic with a topic which makes sure that both are interested in knowing each other more.

  • Handles the logistics

Try asking some questions to let her think that you should arrange a meet up with her/ Topics and questions such as what she’s up to later on/tomorrow, or this week.

So these are the topics that will allow you to continue the conversation with her. Therefore, you will not have to worry about starting questions with some silly jokes.

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How To Talk To Girls

Keep the Conversation Focused on Her 

Try not to express yourself in details during your initial conversation with that particular woman. I will always suggest you keep the conversation focused on that woman. Most of the people start explaining themselves. Due to this, the girl’s mind just gets distracted. Most of the experts here suggest that you should explain yourself as less as possible. So, whenever, she talks about herself and her surroundings, she will definitely share her feelings with you. I do suggest you relate things back to her so that she will think you are listening to her carefully. Just try to prevent explaining about some odd and in-depth stories. Stay focused on and make sure that she participates as much as possible in the conversation.

It’s time to wrap up our topic on how to talk to girls get them attracted. I hope that you have found this post really interesting and helping. So If you do, please let us know in the comment section below.


How To Talk To Girls

  • Start the Conversation
  • Ask Open-Ended Questions
  • Use The Right Topics
  • Keep The Conversation Focused on Her

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