9 Ways To Show Love Without Saying a Word

How to show love without saying it? Love is said to be the most beautiful feeling in the world. It is the heterogeneous mixture of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with the strong feelings of protectiveness for your loved ones.

It is important to show love to the people you have such feelings. To show love means to let them know how important they are for you and how much they mean to you. To do it correctly is essential.

Love requires commitments, standing on someone expectation, and be there for your special ones whenever they feel you need. 

Most of the people love their beloved ones to infinity but fails to express their feelings. It can be because of a lack of confidence or the fear of losing them so their alternative option can be showing it.

There cannot be a single definition of love, also a single way to show love. There are numerous ways of showing it. The most important are discussed below:

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9 Ways on How to Show Love

1. Show Care for Them

Showing cares means to let them know that you worry for them. That can be by telling them straightly if you think that some decisions of them are not good weather it is related to their health, personal life, or professional life. Give them a sincere piece of advice and show your concern for them.

Tell them to eat their food properly, get proper sleep, and reminding them, again and again, to take care of their health. It makes them think of you as a person who cares for them.

2. To Be There in the Hours of Need

Give priority to them by being there for them in good times as well as bad times. We live in a world where there are many people to be a part of someone success party, but only fewer are there for bad times.

You have to be there for them in bad time as well. Be a supportive person over there tell them that it will pass. It is not a good decision to get disheartened by failure. Tell them to face it bravely.

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3. Spend Some Quality Time Together

 To show love, it is important to get out time for them in a busy schedule and to use that correctly. Forbid making plans like watching a movie. As you guys will be more involved in watching a movie.

  Rather than that plan something like cooking food for them, taking them for an outing or to have a simple conversation about how are you doing? Is everything all right? It will make them think that they are important for you as you are taking time out for them from your busy schedule.

4. Show Love by Giving them gifts

Don’t hesitate while showing love to them, and the best way is to by giving them gifts. Choice of gift also matters, try not to be a materialistic person.

Give them gifts which they used to talk about or which can make them feel good. It’s okay even if such gifts cost cheap, what is essential is to make them realize that you think about them and knows their likes and dislikes very well. 

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5. Try to be a positive person among them

If you actually love them and want your relationship to work, then you have to be a big person. By being a big person means not to take an issue over a small thing, try to avoid their mistakes and learn to forgive them.

If you learn to do such a thing, then you can easily make your relationship work. Be a kind, understanding, and an honest person toward them. And also try not to hurt in any way.

6. Give them freedom

Every person likes freedom. Freedom to do the thing which they like or to be a person they want to be. It’s essential to develop such a relation with them so that they can enjoy being around you. They don’t have to think twice before speaking in front of you. They know that no matter what happens, you love them and completely understand them.

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7. Remember Important Dates and Event

To show love try to remember every important details and data related to them. This can play an important role in making your relationship stronger. 

Remembering dates and an event includes not only their date of birth but also your first meeting, the places where you used to visit a lot, and today you have an important day how did it go? Things like do you remember this is the place where we used to eat food together. 

Try to remind them of those things which they possibly forgot about. It can be very moving for them for you to remember such things.

8. Listen to them

Listening to your loved ones show how much you care for them. Active listening is what I am talking about. It is not like scrolling your Facebook feeds, and at the same time, someone is telling you how her day went.

You have to listen to them attentively in order to show love for them. And try to understand their emotions. Give your opinion to them and tell them no matter what you will them. 

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9. Be a helping hand

Try to help them as far as you could. If things not worked as it planned to be a spontaneous helper for them. If they are getting late for some very important meeting and they cannot be able to find any cab. Pick them from their place and drop them to the venue on time.

Or if their cellphone is not working help them to fix it. It can be a meaningful way to show your love for them. You can support them financially in the hour of need. It will make them understand how much matters to you.


How to show love without saying it? It can be the most difficult question because sometimes you can’t find the best way to show your love. Even the words would not help you to describe your love for someone, so it is best that you should try different methods which I have mentioned above. 

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