How To Practice Mindfulness without Meditation | 7 Easy Ways To Be Mindful Every Day

Here, we'll discuss 7 Ways for how to practice mindfulness without Meditation. These special ways will help you to be mindful every day. 

How To Practice mindfulness without meditation? Practicing mindfulness means controlling your thoughts and perceptions about the world around you. Living in the present moment, focus on those things that really matter. Experience emotions and observe the world without any judgment.

Most of the time we do not appreciate what we have today. And always blame about the past or try hard to make our future better. We think there is something good in the future. Because of this our mind moves like a pendulum between past and future and do not stop at the mean position (present). This little thing ruins our life. And we don’t live in the present moment to enjoy what we have today. At that time the only one thing we need to live better is to practice mindfulness. It will also help us to have a charismatic personality. So here in this article, we’ll discuss 7 Ways for how to practice mindfulness without Meditation. These special ways will help you to be mindful every day.

1. Practice Mindfulness When You Wake Up 

If you practice mindfulness at the beginning of the day, it will tone your nervous system for the rest of the day. So try to be mindful when you wake up in the morning. Go for a morning walk and observe nature, touch the plants and things around you to feel being present in the moment. See the beautiful green plants and grass, it will give a soothing feel to your eyes.

2. Practice During Day Activities 

Practicing mindfulness during daily activities is also very effective. When you work, eat, or do something, be aware of what you are doing. Keep your focus at the present moment. Observe what’s going on around. It feels hard at the beginning. But after some days it will become your daily routine.

3. Practice Mindfulness While You Wait 

Waiting is always the hardest thing to do. It’s very frustrating. I know it’s not only me who hates waiting, you too. But what if I tell you, waiting is a very good thing for you if you utilize it positively to increase your awareness and mindfulness. Yes, You can Practice Mindfulness while waiting for someone. Whether you stuck in the traffic or waiting in a line, you can take it as an opportunity for practicing mindfulness.

4. Try Left Hand of Mindfulness 

The Left Hand Mindfulness. You are pretty used to your right hand and do stuff with your right-hand subconsciously. We often do our work without being aware of what we are doing. Because After some repetitions, our mind store information in our subconscious to do things without thinking about. So now to practice mindfulness start doing things with your left hand. Trick your mind to be “in the now” by using your non-dominant hand to perform your everyday tasks.

5. Notice Surroundings 

Another way to practice mindfulness and bring yourself to the present moment is by observing the surroundings. Notice what’s happening around you. Just notice and not anything else. Noticing the present is more powerful than thinking about the present. It’s very simple. Pay attention to every single thing around you (Voice of birds, traffic horns, kids playing out, etc.)

6. Practice Mindfulness While Walking 

You can also practice mindfulness while you walk. After my whole day of work, I usually go for an evening walk. While walking I try to be attentive and aware of what I’m doing and where I’m Going. I pay attention to my feet voice and the things I see During walk. And sometimes I try a new path to keep myself be conscious and aware. You should also try. It’s very effective.

7. Speak and Listen Attentively 

“Paying Attention”. I think I have used this word hundreds of times in this article. Because our complete article revolves around this single word. So, another way to practice mindfulness without meditation is to speak and listen attentively. Often we listen to people to give a reply and do not pay attention to what they are saying. But if you start listening attentively, it will not only make you aware and mindful but will also enhance your communication skills and will make you a more likable person.


  1.  Practice Mindfulness When You Wake Up.
  2.  Practice During Day Activities.
  3.  Practice Mindfulness While You Wait.
  4.  Try Left Hand of Mindfulness.
  5.  Notice Surroundings.
  6.  Practice Mindfulness While Walking.
  7.  Speak and Listen Attentively.