8 Steps: How To Move On When You Still Love Your Ex

How To Move On? 8 Steps to get over your ex and move on from a relationship which is not going anywhere. Follow these steps to relieve pain live happily.

How To Move On? In our life, there is always a person whom we expect to be a part of our future. But due to some reasons, they have to separate their paths from us. And the only thing we could do for ourselves is to move forward in our life. Even though we still love them wholeheartedly. So in this article, we’re going to talk about How To Move On after breakup When You Still Love Your Ex. Here we’ll discuss 8 Steps which are going to help you to get over your ex and move on from a relationship which is not good for your happy life.

Moving on is considered as the most difficult task to accomplish. It demands strenuous efforts from a person to actually move on and not to look back, no matter what happened. 

The pain is always there, and it haunts you to the time till you actually decide to move forward. At times you will think that maybe it is my fault, or I could have made it work.

You only need the answer to how to move on when you still cannot let go the person from your mind. So here I am going to reveal the secret for you. If you follow my lead, then moving on is not a difficult task.

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How To Move On From A Relationship

8 Steps To Move On From a Relationship

1- Stop Blaming Yourself 

To commence, you have to understand and make yourself believe that it wasn’t your fault. That person doesn’t belong to your future. And you tried everything you could to make it work.

Your destiny has planned something else for you. The more you stop blaming yourself, the more you will get better. Also, remember one thing that time is the best healer.

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2- S/he is not anymore a part of your life

How to move on? You have to accept the fact that the love of your life is gone and s/he is not coming back to you. Now, the only option you have left is to forget them.

There were times when you planned your future with them. Unfortunately, they separate their paths from you. It’s difficult for you, but with a firm belief in yourself, you can do it.

3- Get Rid of things that Remind him/her

In a relationship, there are many occasions when you exchange some gifts. At that time they hold some beautiful memories till the time you end things up with the person. 

Then these gifts become nightmares for you. They take you to your past. So, when you decide to move on, you have to get rid of such things which haunts you.

Keeping them will only give you pain. So, in order to free yourself from past memories. It’s better to throw them away.

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4- Focus on your goals: Move On

Love stories are fascinating, but they are not everything in your life. You have some goals to work on. And in the world of fierce competition, you cannot waste your precious time in moaning over one person.

So stop making yourself a fool and try to be practical. Divert your attention to your future goals. Be a career-oriented person. Let them know what they have lost.

It will make you successful as well helps you to move forward in your life. Life is full of opportunities, and you don’t want to be a person who misses them.

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5- Talk to someone about your feeling

Most people ask themselves how to move on and how to get rid of their memories. There are some people whom you have lost. But you have to realize that all is not lost yet.

You still have people in your life who actually care for you, and no matter what they support you. These are the people from whom you can seek help.

By talking, you will feel much better and refresh. As speaking up is the best medicine for the broken heart. It will teach you how to move on.

6- Don’t Corner Yourself

By losing contacts from your relatives and friends, you are only punishing yourself. It will only make things worse. To get back on the track, you have to make sure that from going through a terrible incident wouldn’t affect your social life.

You can’t bear any other loses. Act like the way you used to before break up and remain active on social media. Show others how peaceful you are, and everyone should take lessons from you on how to move on from a toxic relationship.

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7- Keep yourself busy

Engage yourself in activities as much as you can. If you sit idle, only negative thought strikes you. So keep yourself busy and spend the time with your family.

Hang out with your pals or go on some shopping. Don’t let yourself feel alone. For some time, keep yourself busy so that when you get back home. Instead of missing your ex, you will feel tired and go to sleep peacefully.

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8- Be happy for him/her

Even though they let you suffer a lot. But you can’t move on till the time you actually forgive them. Grudges can only increase your pain and hold you back in your past.

To avoid such circumstances, you have to make yourself understand that whatever happens is for the best. If you think bad or giving back the pain to your ex, it will only hurt you. How can you move on if you keep doing such things? 

How To Move On After Breakup

Conclusion: How to move on?

Life is not always fair. Sometimes you have to go through the pain; you think that you won’t deserve it at all. Losing someone you love is very unfortunate.

At times you will think that you cannot bear it anymore. But remember one thing your ex is not the only person in your life. And your life is not limited to them.

Think of it as your destiny and move on in your life. If you handle it well, you will come out as a stronger person than you used to be. So stop moaning and appreciate the things like the loving and caring people around you. 

Make yourself feel motivated and tell yourself again and again that you got this. Getting back to your normal routine and start being happy is enough for you to get your life back on track. 

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