7 Things To Do To Make Your Ex Jealous: How To Make Your Ex Jealous

How To Make Your Ex Jealous? Breakups are always brutal and painful. Your ex gave you a very tough time. And now it is the time to return that favor. The pain they made you go through is unforgivable and unforgettable. So it is very important for you to make them realize the pain of heartbreak. Here in this article, we’ll discuss the 7 Things that you can do to make your ex boyfriend or girlfriend jealous and leave them begging for forgiveness. So If You Want To Learn How To Make Your Ex Jealous then read this article completely.

Most importantly, you have to do it in the right way because you don’t want yourself to look desperate. And if you want the ball in your court.

But the question is how to make your Ex jealous? There are numerous ways of doing it, and the correct ones are few. So here I am going to unveil the most helping and useful ones.

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how to make your ex jealous

7 Things To Do To Make Your Ex Jealous

1- Get Back To Your Normal Routine

Getting back to your normal routine means that to be back on track. Mourning days are over and now is the time to relive your life.

Your first move will be to make your Ex realize that your world didn’t end. And you can live happily without them. Do all the things you used to do before breaking up like doing shopping, hanging out with friends, etc.  

Now why it’s important because your ex was expecting you to be gloomy, but instead of meeting their expectations, you have to look free and lively. Seeing you happy in your life will make your Ex jealous.

2- Be a Passionate Person

When a person left you then from that, you can learn a lesson. Don’t forget how petty they made you feel about yourself. The way they give you silly reasons for breaking up with you.

Now you have the opportunity to let them know actually what they have lost. For that, you have to understand your worth. You need to show them that you are a career-oriented and passionate person.

You have a future and goals for which you can work every day and night. And it is their misfortune to be not a part of your journey. And nobody can stop you from chasing your dreams.

3- Stay in Contact with Your Common Freinds

Your common friends are the ones which will convey messages on your behalf to your ex. Keep that in mind that they speak what you want to say to your Ex. 

Don’t let them get a hint of your gloominess. Share them how free you are feeling after your break up. Tell them the positive aspect of your break up. Show them that you haven’t been pushed back in your life. And your ex is only a part of your life which you have forgotten about.

Show that you have a peaceful life by being more active on social media or by sharing thoughts on how wonderfully you have moved on in your life.

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4- Be More Attractive

Start focusing more on your looks. Don’t let yourself feel depressed and find it cure by overeating. Because it can harm you in any way. And it won’t help you out.

Suddenly, your Ex bumps into you and looks at you. Definitely, you don’t want him/her to think about you as an ugly person. So prepare yourself for that by start taking your looks more seriously. 

For that purpose, you can take more care of your skin, get a new haircut, and start wearing nicer clothes. And a big smile on your face can work for you.

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5- Make Some New Friends of Opposite Gender

How to make your Ex jealous? You can make your Ex jealous by making new friends of your opposite gender. Remember that time when you weren’t allowed to hang out with a friend because you were bounded in a relationship.

Now you are free, and you aren’t answerable to anyone. Avail that opportunity to make your Ex insecure. In old times they know your bonding very well with your friends, but in the case of a new friend, they have no clue about them. 

This will make your Ex more curious and anxious. Furthermore, they will get an idea of how well you have moved on in your life. There is no place for them in your life anymore.

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7- Reply Nicely To Your Ex

Foremost, you have to cut off your all source of communications with your Ex. After some time your Ex will try to reach you and to tell you how sorry they were feeling for breaking up with you. They didn’t mean to hurt you and stuff like that.

Instead of reacting emotionally, you have to handle such a situation well. By saying, it’s for the best and thanks to you, my life is better than it used to be. Keep your conversation nice and simple.

Show nice behavior towards your Ex. Ask them how you are doing? Are you fine? Such a question will make your Ex shocked because they were expecting you to be mad on them.

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Bonus Tip: How To Make Your Ex Jealous

Don’t act jealous when you see your ex with a new girl or boy

Don’t let them win by making their jealous card work. So whenever you see your ex with some new girl or boy you have to ignore it completely. 

You have to control your emotions and prepare yourself for such a situation.

how to make your ex jealous


How to make your ex jealous? It’s not that difficult as it seems to be. You can easily do that by following my leads. 

Also, don’t look fake because your ex can catch you in that way. So act natural and keep it simple as you can. Keep that in your mind; you are not trying to picture yourself a desperate person. 

Stop mentioning your ex to your friends and show zero interest in his/her life. You should do stuff that will make them think that you’re over them.

Be aware not to go back to your Ex life after all that they did to you. And make yourself a calm and happy person. Moreover, tell yourself it’s for the best. You have good days to come or maybe a better life partner.

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