How To Make A Perfect Cup Of Tea

A perfect cup of tea can take away the fatigue and stress of the day. But if the tea is improperly steeped it can be unpleasantly bitter and tasteless. Which will enhance your anger and stress. So you must have to know How to Make Tea Perfectly. In this article we are going to tell you how to make tea step by step.

1- Boil The Water

Take A regular pot and pour some water in it for a cup of tea. And wait until it starts boiling. The taste of the water is taste of the tea. So take filtered water.

Make sure that you boil the water just once. If you boil the water more than one, it will make the tea taste flat due to the reduced oxygen level in the water.

2- Put Tea in The Cup

After boiling water the next step to make tea is putting Tea in the Cup. Here you have two options. You can use a Tea Bag or can just put one teaspoon of your favorite tea in the bottom of the cup. While using tea bags you do not need to measure how much tea you have to put. One Tea Bag is for the one cup of Tea. Just Make sure that the Tea Bag is fresh.

3- Pour Hot Water in The Cup

The water that you have boiled in the first step, now pour it into the cup in which you have added Tea. Now let it mix. The Color of the Tea will start changing. If you are using tea bags instead of spoon of tea, then make sure that the water is not too much hot or boiling. Because the tea bags often include Tea dust and Fanning.

5- Let The Tea Steep

Now Let the Tee Steep. Different types of tea require different times to steep. Usually the Tea with whole-leaf require more time as compared to broken-leaf tea.

Black Tea takes 3-5 minutes to steep. Green tea takes 2-3 while Oolong Tea requires 4-7 minutes to steep. Taste Your Tea Time to Time until it’s flavorful.

6- Serve Your Tea

Now You have learned how to make tea and the Tea is Ready, it’s time to serve it. You can Add sugar in it if you want. Some people have diabetes that’s why they avoid sugar. But if you like then you can add some. You can serve black Tea with milk, lemon and honey. Most people like tea with milk and sugar. Do not serve tea with milk and lemon or the milk will curdle.