How To Make Someone Like You Back

Love is something that can happen anywhere to anyone. The person who truly loves someone, experience a lot beautiful things and moments in his life. But when people cannot get their loved one to like them back, Then this love becomes a big problem for them. They try hard to get their love. But they do not find any way. So here in this article we are going to discuss, how to make someone like you back.

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1- Show Interest in That Person

How they will love you back if they do not even know you. You secretly love them and do not show your love, because you are afraid of rejection. If you keep doing this, they won’t even notice you. So show your interest in them by talking to them and spending quality with them.

2- Be A Little Mysterious

Sometimes when you give clear signals of your interest in them, they adapt it and the case is closed. But when you are mysterious and do not express everything, the other person tries to find an explanation. They are not sure you like them or not. And Because of this they will start thinking about you. The more they will think about you, the more they will like you.


These two things are very important if you are going to make someone like you. Eye Contact and Smile make you more confident. Making Eye Contact with someone shows your genuine interest in them. Eyes are windows into the soul. So if you want to know someone, just look into their eyes. They will also see your true love through your eyes. And after making eye contact, Smile at them to make them comfortable with you. So that they feel easy to start their first conversation with you.

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4- Be Confident

Who does not like a confident person? So if you want someone to like you, you have to show them your confidence. Walk with up head and broad shoulders. And show your hands. These are the signs of confident and open body language. Fight with your insecurities. Accept yourself, because no one is perfect. And Try not to hide your flaws. When you will show them your flaws, they will like you more.

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5- Build Trust

Trust is a very important thing in any kind of relationship. If you want to spend your life with someone, there must be a strong bond of trust between two of you. Trust them and make them trust you. Tell them about your personal things and secrets. It will show you trust them. And in return, they will trust you back.

How To Make Someone Like You Back

  • Show interest in that person
  • Be a little Mysterious
  • Make Eye Contact and smile
  • Be confident
  • Build Trust

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