How To Make Online Money

You should become an expert in the field you love. Be a person who has great knowledge and information about a specific field. Create your website or Youtube Channel to spread the wisdom and knowledge you have, and make money from it.

Today in this article, we’ll share some interesting facts related to jobs and earning online money. These facts are very important to you if you are interested in making money online.

According to Forbes magazine report, around 90 % people around the world are not engaged in their jobs. They don’t love their jobs and are not passionate about what they are doing. They do work just to earn money and nothing else. In Asian countries, 94% people feel stress instead of excitement to go for work on Monday’s.

In India, 54% of people every year think about changing their job and they change as well. And because of such reasons in Asian countries rate of suicide, stress and burn out are increasing.

Now after all these facts, the 2 important points that you should understand are, 1- there is a lack of jobs especially in sub-continent. 2- Even those who have jobs are not happy and satisfied with their lives. Because they are asked to do a lot of work in a very low salary. They don’t get much they truly deserve.

Today we’ll tell you very important points. Especially, how you can stay away from these two big problems by earning online.

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1- Profits vs Passions

If we make passion and profit graph, then almost everyone will come in one out of these four quadrants.

First, let’s talk about quadrant two. People who are doing jobs come in this quadrant. They usually don’t have passion or love for the work they are doing. But still, they are forced to do a lot of work for very less amount of money. Nor they work on their passion, nor they earn good money.

Third Quadrant. Starving artists come in this quadrant. People who are working for their passion, but don’t earn money. And most of the time they stay bankrupts.

In Quadrant One is a quadrant of those people who usually earn a lot of money doing a big job like being doctor, banker, lawyer or any big profession. But still, they are not happy. Because they don’t get any chance to do things they love and passionate about.

And In last Fourth Quadrant, click millionaires come. Who live their lives as per their terms and conditions. They do something they truly love and have passion and also earn a lot of money from it.

If you want to come in Quadrant four, the first thing on which you should work is your time using mentality. Suppose there are two guys who recently completed their graduation and don’t have any kind of job. So the first guy does time pass the whole day by playing games on the internet. And the second guy, instead of doing time pass the whole day, he utilizes his time in learning a new skill. After some days or months when he goes searching for a job, he gets it. Because he has improved himself by using his free time.

Similarly, if you want to become click millionaire and want to earn money online, the first step is to have such a mentality (time using mentality).

2- Online Expert 

You must have at least some wisdom and knowledge in any field which is helpful and valuable to someone else. But before the internet, it was a big problem to reach the right people, who had the knowledge and information which they actually needed. But today, it’s not the same. In these days, if you have the knowledge you can share it with others and can earn money from it. But before earning money, it’s very important for you to be known as an expert in that particular field.

Before the Internet, only those people were known as experts who have a degree in that field. But after the internet and social media things have changed a lot. If you search for health or fashion tips on the internet, you’ll get numerous websites and video channels on these topics. And because of this, maximum people start knowing them as an expert in those fields. Whether they have a degree or not, it won’t matter. After which, they can easily make money by doing things they love.

You should become an expert in the field you love. Be a person who has great knowledge and information about a specific field. Create your website or YouTube Channel to spread the wisdom and knowledge you have, and make money from it.

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