How To Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

In this article, you’ll learn how to make money with affiliate marketing. So read this article completely if you are interested in online earning.

There are a lot of e-commerce websites, from where you can buy clothes, Shoes, Books and other household things. Most popular of them are Amazon, eBay, Flipkart etc. These all e-commerce websites run a program called affiliate program. If you register for that program and sell other people products then you’ll get some commission. For Example, if someone is selling a book on Amazon, and you have registered for Amazon affiliate marketing then you can get an affiliate link of any product. If someone buys that book from your link then you’ll get a commission.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing 

How you can start it? It’s free of cost to become an affiliate marketer of any website. If you want to join the affiliate program of Amazon, then go to Google and search for Amazon Affiliate program. Click the first link, and fill their form to register for their affiliate program. The process is the same for every e-commerce website.

How You can Earn Through Affiliate Marketing

If you become an affiliate member of a website, then the next question is how to earn? To start your earning with affiliate marketing the first thing that you need to do is to copy affiliate link of a product. As you know that there are thousands of items on Amazon to sell, but you need to choose just one category and sell products related to it.

After Deciding category, create groups on WhatsApp. And Share links of those products with your friends and family on WhatsApp. You can also do it on Facebook. Promote affiliate links on your facebook pages and groups. You might have joined a lot of Facebook groups where everyone upload post on daily basis, you can share your links in those groups. But make sure that the link you are sharing is related to that group. Otherwise, you’ll get blocked by their admins.

Nothing is going to happen overnight. If you have a website and thousands of people visit your website daily then it’ll be very good for you. Or even if you have a Youtube channel, you can recommend your subscribers to buy those products.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing 

If you have a Blog or website then Affiliate Marketing is a very useful way to earn extra money. When you promote a link of Amazon product on your website or blog, you earn 4 percent or more of purchases made through your special link.

So the first thing that I’ll suggest you is to create your own blog. The best Amazon Affiliates are those who have their own blogs or websites.

Start a Free online blog using WordPress or Blogger. Always choose something you are really passionate about so that you can provide great content to your followers. For example, if your blog is about fashion you can sell fashion products. And if you are spreading information and wisdom you can recommend your followers to buy a book.

And if you don’t want to create a website or blog, then the second option for you is, create a Youtube Channel. It’s completely free. To create a Youtube Channel you don’t have to pay for anything. Just Choose a niche you love. Upload videos on your channel. When you have Subscribers you can ask them to buy a specific book or any item through the link you provide them.

Affiliate Marketing without a Website or Youtube Channel

Is it possible to earn with affiliate marketing without having a website or a Youtube Channel? Yes, you can earn without web or Youtube. But for this, you need to do a lot of hard work and struggle.

Join Facebook Groups, Google Plus Communities, and WhatsApp groups. Share your affiliate links in those groups and communities to get customers. You can also send emails to every single email address you have and to each contact number. But it’s quite difficult than the first two options. So I’ll suggest you create your own website or Youtube channel on a specific niche and share your affiliate links of related products with your subscribers to earn money.