How To Make Him Miss You: 6 Ways (Most Effective)

How to make him miss you the exact same way you miss him? Naturally, when we love someone, we want to spend more time with them. But often things don't go the way we want.

How to make him miss you the exact same way you miss him? Naturally, when we love someone, we want to spend more time with them. But often things don’t go the way we want. Because of some reasons or misconceptions, they break up with us. And after the breakup, we start missing our ex. As time passes we become addicted to them and want them back in our life. But for this, they also have to miss you and want you back. In this article, we’ll briefly describe how to make your ex-boyfriend miss you and crave for you. Here we’ll talk about some proven ways by human psychology.

If you want to make a man miss you, you’ll have to make him realize what he is going to lose in his life plus how his life can be empty and gloomy without you. Like if you are not there for him, then there will always be an emptiness in his life just like the taste of tea without sugar. And it’s possible only if you understand the human psychology for making a guy miss you and want you back.

To make him miss you the first thing that you’ll have to do is never chase him desperately and never ask him to come back. If you think by doing this you’re going to get him back then you’re on the wrong track. Rather you’ll have to make him realize your importance and value in his life. This way you can also get the answer to your question whether is it only you who cares too much about him or he cares about you too. Making him miss you is not that difficult as the time he has spent with you will haunt him and make him miss you. 

You have to stay firm and consistent. Don’t let your emotions ruin your plan. Keep that in mind that no matter what happens, you are not going back to him until he comes to you.

So let me share some of the best and the most helpful tips on how to make him miss you.

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6 Ways to Make Him Miss You

Here are the 6 best psychologically proven ways to make a man miss you and want you back. These ways are my own experiments, and will definitely work for you too as they did for me.

1- Stop All Sources of Communication with Him

To commence on the path of how to make him miss you. First of all, you have to stop calling and texting him. This will deliver him the clear message that you are angry, and there is no turning back from your side. This technique is going to make him think about you. He’ll wonder, why you’re still not making any contact and where you actually are. Relationship consultants often call it the no contact rule. The no contact rule is actually a process when you cut all kinds of contact with your partner. No messages, no calls, no direct contact, and being offline on social media.

The no contact rule could be different for both partners. The dumper won’t feel the same as you are feeling. If you have been dumped you’ll go through these stages.

  • 1- A sudden Shock after breakup
  • 2- Painful Nights with memories
  • 3- Missing you ex badly
  • 4- Healing and Recovery

And these stages would be different for the dumper. He won’t go through that pain that you are going into. Because he already prepared himself for that before making that decision. A dumper will go through these stages after a breakup.

  • 1- Relief and Light
  • 2- Curious why you’re not contacting
  • 3- Regret and Want to see you at least once
  • 4- Constantly thinking about you
  • 5- Try hard to forget
  • 6- If failed in forgetting, will try to come back

After 4 to 5 weeks you’ll start controlling your emotions and feelings and you won’t feel the same that you were feeling right after a breakup. During all this process try to improve yourself and analyze yourself to become a better person. It doesn’t matter how deeply you love that person, you’ll forget him and stop feeling obsessed in just a couple of weeks if you stop making any contact with him.

But if you still want him back then apply this no contact method you’ll see results by yourself. But during the process try to divert your mind to other things in your life, so that you don’t compromise with your happiness and mental health.

Keep that in mind; no one will ever going to miss you until you don’t stop communicating with them? So give him a reason to miss you.

2- Stop Using Social Media

How to make him miss you? As of today, everyone is aware of the role of social media in our life. So to make social media the partner in your crime. Like there was a time when he posted a picture, and you used to be the first to like and comment. And if you are still stalking that person and looking for his new photos and posts on social media then I’ll suggest to please stop it right now. It’s so creepy and unhealthy for your mind. Not only you are making a mess with your mind but also looking so desperate in front of him. By doing this after a breakup you can’t ever make a guy miss you and want you back.

Now, stop doing such things for the time being. When he’ll post his picture and find no clue of you. It will make him miss you and remind him of those happy and silly moments you guys had.

Moreover, get yourself disconnected from social media because he won’t miss until you are always showing on his new feeds.

Dr. Cortney Warren (clinical psychologist) said that if you are using social media after a breakup and you are trying to fix your broken heart, the process will be longer and you won’t recover and move faster.

Most people stop using social media right after breakup not just because they want their ex to miss them but also they don’t want to see them scratch their healing wounds. You can block them but their love and care for them become obstacles in front of their way.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Social Media:
  • It complicates the natural healing power after a breakup.
  • Waste a lot of your time.
  • Mentally disturb you when you see your ex with others.
  • You’ll look desperate if you are always online.
  • You can’t make your ex miss you if you are always available.
How You Can Stop Yourself from using social media after breakup:

Social media addiction is very hard to get rid of. And after a breakup it becomes even worse because you’ll always be curious about your ex, You can’t stop thinking about him about what he’s doing now? where he is? and with whom he is? And if you want to grow mentally and emotionally, or even want him to get back, you’ll have to cut all of the contacts with him. And the first would be to stop using social media. And you can do that in these ways.

  • Turn off your mobile for the first 3-7 days.
  • And spend these 3-7 days with nature.
  • Help Poor People and Animals.
  • After 7 days turn on your mobile and delete all social media apps.
  • Play some online games to keep yourself engaged.
  • Start Online side hustles to make some money.
  • Go to some tourist areas with friends and family.

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3- Leave Things Behind that Hold Memory of You

As when the two of you are together, there is some precious moment when you two exchange things that hold some memories. Make sure he has such things from you. Whenever he sees them, that will be like a nightmare to him. There could be a lot of things, but if you think there’s not, then you obviously can’t send him again because you have already broken up. It would be creepy if you do that. The only thing you can do is to never ask for gifts that you have given to him. If you really want to make him miss you then you’ll have to cut all connections and shouldn’t ever ask for your things back.

There is a probability that he will be back in those times and start missing you. Your things can play an essential part here. So if you ever have a fight with your boyfriend and you are in such a situation that you can’t stop loving him. Then don’t ever take your gifts back if you want him to be back in your life.

But here is another question, what should you do with his memories to stop causing them mental pain to you. Because you are not the only person who’s leaving the memories, he might also have given you some gifts, photo frames, scents, clothes, and other things that will make you miss him. And no doubt it’s a really painful process because I’ve gone through the same stuff. Here are a few things that you can do to the things that he’s left with you.

  • Put all gifts in a box and place them somewhere you can’t easily see.
  • Never return gifts if he’s not asking (It’s an indication of hate if you do so).
  • Remove all couple photos and selfies on your phone.
  • Delete all his previous messages or hide.

4- Show Him that You are a Happy Person

Show him that you can be a happy person without him. Moreover, you have a life besides him. Nothing can make him more insecure than seeing you happy and smiling with your friends. Being happy in your life will cause some serious impact on his mind and it will hurt his ego. He’ll be anxious and curious at the same time that why you’re not even missing him. The pain you’re feeling why he’s not missing you, the same pain he will feel if you keep yourself happy and smiling with your friends. The more you look sad and worried, the more he’ll feel victorious and overconfident about himself. But you’ll have to make him realize that there are a lot of people out there who can make you happy. He’s obviously not the only source of your happiness.

This way, he will know that you can have fun without him. Also, you can enhance your look and visit a parlor. Where you can even get a new haircut. 

The next time he sees you, he will notice that and it can make him jealous, and questions like how she can be so happy without me will raise in his mind. And he starts realizing how unimportant he is for you. This way, he will try everything to bring you back in your life.

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5- Don’t Let Him Know That You Miss Him

Never give him a clue that you miss him. Don’t share such things with your common/mutual friends. Know your worth and don’t let him know that you are into him.

Make him feel that you’ve started your new life and you don’t need him anymore. You are happy and well without him. It will make him think that he was wrong about you.

6- Just Be Yourself

Never ever try to be someone else. Just remember that he knows who you are. He will catch you when you are trying to be someone else. So instead of pretending to be happy, try to be happy in real.

Also, remember not to share everything with your guy even if you are in a relationship. This can make him think that he has conquered you. So be the mysterious and independent woman.

To make a guy miss you. You have to keep patience because it might take some time to get the expected outcomes.

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Conclusion: How to Make Him Miss You and Want You Back

How to make a guy miss you?  Give him some space and time to miss you. Time is the best realizer. It can make people understand what they have lost in their life. If he really cares about you, then he will definitely make his way up to you.

So you don’t have to try too hard. Just remember my above-mentioned tips and leave the rest. Remember that the time you have spent together will be enough for him to miss you. 

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