How To Make a Guy Like You (5 Most Effective Ways)

This article will help you to know How to Make a Guy Like You back instantly. Here are the 5 Most effective and rejection proof methods to get your crush.

Are you searching for how to make a guy like you? You find a guy attractive and charming, and whenever you look at him, it feels like he is the only one. The prince of your dreams that you were waiting for. He is always in your mind. And now, you want him to think and care about you, as much as you do.

There are plenty of things that you can do to grab the attention of your guy. Just by being yourself, you can make him like you. People get attracted to a natural and sophisticated person. Nobody likes those people who try to fit in another person’s shoes.

If you want someone to like you back, like and accept yourself first. If you don’t accept yourself then nobody is going to accept you and love you. Your body language tells everything. When you are insecure about yourself, you make other people feel you are not worthy.

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5 Way on How To Make a Guy Like You

Here are 5 surprising ways that you can use to make a guy like you. Believe me; these ways will work best for you, and you can easily attract your favorite person towards you.

1- Be Confident about Yourself

The foremost tip to make a guy like you is to be optimistic about yourself. You have to accept your flaws and not to worry about them. No one is perfect.

So don’t ever try to make yourself a big deal. Try to handle things smoothly and calmly. Don’t put yourself down in front of others.  Accept that no one will ever like you until you like yourself. Nobody likes a person who doesn’t know his/her own value.

Try to act normally in front of your crush. Let him know how weird, different, and a magical person you are. Talk to him about your perspective of things. Your attitude should be like “Accept me as I’m.”

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2- Spend Time with Him

You cannot get your dream guy until or unless you are not around him. Try to spend time with him without letting him know that you are behind him. Don’t make it look like that you are chasing him. 

Just try to be as normal as you can. If there is a party or some friend gathering and you know that he’ll be there too. Then don’t miss such an opportunity. Go there, say hi to him and then enjoy time with your friend. 

Also, you have to move forward slowly and steadily. And not to rush toward things. Be clear about the impression you want to make on him. In order to spend more time with him, you can exchange your number with him. 

Don’t give him a clue from the beginning that you are interested in him because it can scare him and spoil your plan.

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3- Try To Feel Good

Try to look beautiful so that your guy can get more attracted to you. Now by looking good doesn’t mean to start wearing high heels or applying a load of makeup even if you are not that kind of person. 

Just look good to be confident about yourself. Only you could answer what makes you feel good. So ask yourself about what you want. If you are not a high heel person then such things won’t help you out. So wear what you like to wear and what comfort you the most. Then make it look the best you can.

4- Compliment and Appreciate Him

As women, we always like to get compliments from others, but that is not only in the case of us. Men also get pleased when they get compliments. Especially if it’s from the woman. 

So try to appreciate your guy as much as you can. As boys are highly attracted to the woman who understands them. Also who appreciate them and support them. It is how you can make a guy like you.

Now you are wondering how to appreciate him? If he is a career-oriented person, then tell him that his future plans are perfect and you believe that he’ll get to them as long as he sticks to the plan. Or if he is a good looking guy, then tell him that you find his fashion sense great.

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5- Show the Best of You

How to make a guy like you? To do that you have to impress him by the best you get. If you have any hidden talent, then let him know that. Like if you are good at painting or singing then show him that. Showing him won’t be a difficult task as you can share it on social media. As things spread on social media faster than a virus.

Or else if you have a good sense of humor then joke around when he is there. Nowadays serious people are more common to find, so most of the people attract toward sarcastic ones, who can help them to release stress and make their life happier by bringing more fun in it.

Conclusion: How to Make a Guy Like You

Making someone like you back is not 100 % guaranteed. You can’t control other person’s feelings and emotions. But at least you can try. You can make him realize your importance and value by following a few little steps. By doing the things mentioned above, you can plant a seed of your love in his mind. But it’s up to his mind, whether it let the seed grow or not.

After that, you can start making your moves once you know that he is in search of someone. Just try to be around him and try to be natural. You can’t make someone like you forcefully so by keeping that in mind not to show off too much that he’ll start finding you annoying.

So show the best you are. Just be yourself and not to be worry even if he has friends more beautiful than you. Maybe, they aren’t the ones he is looking for.

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