How To Make a Girl Happy: 8 Ways (Effective)

How To Make a Girl Happy When she is Sad? This question comes in your mind when you're with the girl of your dreams and want to keep her happy at any cost. Because you truly love her.

How To Make a Girl Happy When she is Sad? This question comes in your mind when you’re with the girl of your dreams and want to keep her happy at any cost. Because you truly love her. Your Happiness Lies in her smiling face. And now you want to know how to make her smile and happy. Here in this article, we’ll tell you about the 8 Things that you can do to make her day even when she’s too upset.

Life is full of ups and downs. If a small fight and some hurtful words can tear our heart into pieces, a simple caring gesture from our loved ones can make us delighted.

If your girl is facing some tough times in her life, you have to be there for her. To make her realize that she is not alone. You’ll always be there to support her and will do your best to make her happy.

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How To Make a Girl Happy

How To Make a Girl Happy When She’s Sad (8 Ways)

Here are the 8 ways that will help you to make her happy when she is not feeling so good.

1- Figure Out the Reason Behind Her Gloominess

Being sad is something not unusual. Everyone have matters in their life to deal with. So not to make a big deal out of it is important to be happy.

Ask her what’s wrong with her? Is there anything you can do for her? If she replies positively than help her to figure things out. Be there for her until you find an appropriate solution.

If she didn’t agree to tell you the problem, then try to find it yourself. Till then try your best to cheer her up.

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2- Crack Some Jokes

In order to make a girl happy and pleased try cracking some jokes. Use your humor to bring back a smile on her face. 

But keep in mind that you are cracking jokes to make her smile not to offend her. So crack jokes according to the situation. Maybe it’ll make her feel better, and she starts telling you the actual reason for her sadness.

Some people say that laughter is the best medicine to deal with a disease known as sadness. You can share some funny stories from your present or from your childhood diaries. It can really work for you.

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3- Take Her Outside

when we are sad we want to isolate ourselves from the entire world. But doing this takes us to severe depression. Which we can’t handle afterward. So try to convince her to go outside with you. Insist her on that because outside air can refresh her mind.

Take her to the places she loves to go with you or planned to visit. Plan some sweet, decent things to do on the way like giving her flowers or sharing thoughts about how wonderful you think she is. 

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4- Show Your Concern for Her

Show your concern toward her. Let her know that it doesn’t make you feel good whenever you see her in that way. At least allow you to know her problems.

Keeping it to herself will only hurt her. So ask her to speak up and let you help. Sometimes only showing concern is enough for people.

5- Tell Her To Remain Positive

Help her to stay positive during this difficult period. It’ll be the best thing that you can do for her.

If she looks toward you for some advice. Tell her that things will get sorted out. No matter what happens, you are always going to be there for me. You are strong and positive person. This will make her feel better.

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6- Avoid Talking Too Much About Her Problems

Don’t talk too much about her problems. Just remain stick to your job that you are only here to support her.  And to face bad times together.

If you use phrases like “It’s not a big deal” or “This is the problem, everyone, deals within their life.” The outcome will not be expected. It might offend her and makes her think that you are not being understood and not taking it seriously. So avoid it and try to distract her from her mind games.

7- Cook food for her 

People usually ask how to make a girl happy. By showing some friendly gestures will make her feel pleased. So by saying friendly gestures I mean to cook food for her. 

One says it right “The way to the heart is through the stomach.” Cook her favorite dish or a simple breakfast will work. As it is your gestures which will make her feel pleasant instantly.

8- Do Things She likes to do

When a girl is gloomy, you have to think in her way. Do things she likes to do a lot. If she is a shopaholic person, then go out shopping with her.

Bring her the favorite ice cream it’ll cool her down.  Bring back a smile on her face. Tell her how beautiful she looks when she smiles. If the weather is good, then take her to the beach or some places which will make her feel wonderful.

You can also make her happy by doing what she likes the most. In this way, you can get her attention and can make her happy too, when she is sad. 

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How To Make a Girl Happy

Conclusion: How To Make a Girl Happy

How to make a girl happy when she is sad? When a girl is sad, then there could be multiple reasons for that like a lousy day at work, a fight at home or an argument with her best friend.

You only have to make sure that you are there for her, and it’s your responsibility to calm her down. If she thinks of dealing such situations stupidly, then tell her that is not the right approach. And you are only thinking about it that way because you are upset. Try to cool her down at first and then look toward the multiple solutions to her problems.