How To Make A Girl Chase You: 10 Proven Tricks

In the current era, most of the young boys and men want to have a girl that is perfect for them. But, the thing is, most of the men do not know how to make a girl chase you?

In the current era, most of the young boys and men want to have a girl that is perfect for them. But most of them do not know how to make a girl chase you and want you. The dating world has twisted gently towards women. It does not mean that women are on the wrong side. As of matter of fact, the men have been falling in love with women. Many guys with a good character do not get a chance of getting into a relationship on a particular dating site. However, it is not impossible for you to make a girl chase you. Just follow these simple tricks to make this happen.

How to Make a Girl Chase You

Before, getting into this great guide, just make sure to know about do’s and don’t’s, when you really need to make a girl chase you. So, be careful while reading the points mentioned below:

how to make a girl chase you- do not ask stupid questions
how to make a girl chase you- do not ask stupid questions

Don’t ask Stupid Questions

By default, most of the women think that you might act more like a man with no common sense. But, it is now up to you to prove her wrong. So, all you need to do is not to ask stupid questions just like a douche. For instance, do not ask questions such as “Hey doll, am I the man of your dreams or what?” And, the other thing is to avoid stupid questions that include words such as these, please because they do not work now.

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Avoid Cheesy pickup lines - How To make A Girl Chase You

Avoid Cheesy pickup lines

There are some statements that can turn off the instant in the meantime. Because of those statements, the chase ends before it starts. Here are some examples of cheesy pickup lines that you need to avoid. First one is “Your lips look so lonely…Would they like to meet mine?” The other statements include  “You look like my mom.”, “I have to show you the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen (then show phone with front cam)” etc.

Avoid Cheesy pickup lines - How To make A Girl Chase You

Don’t linger

You might have experienced that if someone lefts you alone for some time, your heart grow fonder. Therefore, to make a girl chase you, avoid spending more time with her. I mean, do not spend more time on long dates, long phone conversations and texting her late night. It is okay to spend a longer time with her for a couple of days but does not make it your habit. This means that she will want you more the less you give her time. And, this is yet another tip to make a girl chase you.

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 How To make A Girl Chase You

Compliment Her for the Right Reasons

For making a girl chase you, just make sure to compliment her for the right reason. Make sure that you give more value to her than she thinks. Avoid complimenting a girl on her figure. Try to compliment her on her nature, professional accomplishments, character, and integrity. Just make sure to compliment her on every small cute thing that no one notices. In my opinion., there is no quicker way than this one.

 How To make A Girl Chase You

Challenge Her

Sometimes, it becomes really difficult for you to make a girl chase you, even by applying the above-mentioned tips. Here is another way to grab her attention not by complimenting her but by giving her some challenges. Just try to ask questions such as “How are you better or different from the other girls that I’ve dated?” In this way, you will get an idea about what she thinks about you.

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 How To make A Girl Chase You

Leave an Impact in Her Life

This method works really well, especially when both of you shares your passions and liking. For example, both of you love cricket or any other sport. So, you got a chance to create a meetup or an event about a particular match. Try to spend more time with her without doing stupid things or asking her to go on a date with you.

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And then…Walk Away

If you want a girl chase you, then avoid her as much as you can. It does not mean that you should discontinue a relationship with her. Just try to avoid meeting with her every day. Because, whenever someone has stronger feelings for you, then that particular person or a girl will chase you more. The more distance you make from her, the more she runs after you. I think this method is the smarter one as compared to various other methods mentioned in the blog.

How To make A Girl Chase You

Listen When She Talks

It is a common myth that a woman prefers a man that gives more attention to her. So a man who actually spends more time listening to her thoughts is dearer to her. It is quite natural that men do not make efforts in listening to women. As you listen more attentively, a woman thinks that you are a sensitive guy as well as you do care for her. So, she always wants to spend more time with you. It is all because of getting more attention from you as compared to others.

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Get Details

While listening to her, you should note all the details she is sharing with you. It does not matter either those details are big or small just try to concentrate on details. With the passage of time, try to chat with her on those details. As a result, her emotions for you boost up.  Moreover, just try to surprise her by gifting small items to her that are emotionally connected to her.

Never Tell Her Everything

It is really easy for you to grab the interest of women when she has a feeling for you. But, you need to strong enough to answer her questions before she asks. Just make sure to maintain a distance from her and avoid explaining yourself too soon. Try to pretend that you are busy, even if you have enough time to chat with her.

I hope you have found this blog really helpful if you do, just share it with your friends, who are “Single.” Please do let us know about other methods and tips that we should consider in this blog.

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