9 Things a Girl will Do Only If She Likes You | How To Know If a Girl Likes You

How to know if a girl likes you? There is a girl in your life that you are interested in and you want to know that is it from her side too or not? in this post, we are going to share some tips that will help you to know if a girl likes you or not.

You are in a confused state that how to know if a girl likes you and you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of her by expressing your feelings, also a fear of losing her and not get an expected answer. 

To deal with such a miserable situation, you have to act smart. You can get your answer easily without making a fool of yourself. 

Women aren’t that much hard to understand. They leave a clue for you to get to them if they are into you. All you have to do is to guess them wisely without asking them.

Stop goofing around here. I am going to share some wonderful tricks which helps you to get an answer you are looking for.

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How To Know If a Girl Likes You | 9 Psychological SIGNS

Here are the 9 psychological signs that show that a girl likes you and want to be your life partner.

1- She Likes Spending Time with You

She Likes Spending Time with You

Now spending time is not a big deal maybe she thinks of you as a friend or you are like to her other friends. How to know that it really means something?  

If a girl is spending time more than she does with her other friends. She is having a deep conversation with you than the rest, or she plans to meet you more often. 

And if you are sitting with her in a gathering, she is continuously staring at you and laughs at your jokes.  And she is more comfortable and engaged in being around you.

Then from here, you can get a clue what’s going on her mind. 

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2- She Tells You About Her Personal Life


If a girl tells you some of her problems, whether it is related to her personal life or what are her likes and dislikes.

She tells you about her problems in life, the reason behind having a lousy day, breaks in front of you or something about herself that no one knows.

Then these are the perfect signs that she is into you. She wants you to know her well than the rest of the people. She Likes You more than other people around her.

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3- She Notices Your Every Movement

how to tell if a girl likes you

Suddenly, you plan to get a new haircut, and she is the first one to find it. If you are a talkative person, but because of some concern, you are depressed and cut off. Then she takes notice of that immediately. 

She asks you about your day and about your family more often. Then you can get a hint from that too. 

4- She Hates You Complimenting Other Girls

she hates when her boyfriend compliment other girls

How to know if a girl likes you? The best way to know your answer is by her reaction when you compliment some other girl in front of her.

Her facial expressions change, and it makes her feel jealous. Then it is evident that she doesn’t like you complimenting some other girl.

It makes her insecure but be aware not to flirt too much that she started to think you are interested in some other girl. In that case, you need to be careful and have to act wisely.

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5- If A Girl Likes You She’ll Talk About You To Her Friends

If A Girl Likes You She'll Talk About You To Her Friends

Now here her friends can play a vital role. If a girl is obsessed with you, then she definitely talks about you to all of her friends.

How to know if a girl really likes you? In my perspective it is by the help you can get from her friends. Spend some time with her friends whom you think are not a good secret keeper. You definitely get some help from there. 

6- She Talks To You About Her Future Plans

She Talks To You About Her Future Plans

She tells you about her desires and future goals. She wants you to be fully aware of her future desires. Like what motivates her to stick to her plans.

Dealing with such circumstances, you have to be supportive and tell her plans are great. Sooner or later, she will conquer them. 

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7- Pays You More Attention

She Pays You More Attention

She has many friends around her, but you are the only person who is getting all of her attention. It can be in any way she is listening to you more attentively than the rest of her friends. 

Or she is making some outing plans more with you. Then from these things you can get the answer how to know if a girl really likes you?

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8- Getting Nervous in front of You 

She Gets nervous around you

You should know your girl very well. You should already know that if she is a person who gets nervous and feel shy a lot. Or you are the only one who is making her feel that way.

Is she acting quirky in front of you? If yes, then that means there is something going in her mind about you. 

9- Cringe Eye Contact

making cringe eye contact

As eye contact is considered as the second most effective language and it delivers some vital messages. If she is interested in you, then there will be some cringe eye contact. She will make long eye contact that will seem a bit awkward. But She is not doing it intentionally. She is just trying to know your feeling for her through your eyes.

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How to know if a girl really likes you? By the above-mentioned signs, you can get your answer easily.

Her spending time with you, sharing about her personal dealings with you, talking to her friends about you, feeling shy around you and some cringe eye contact will tell you whether she is interested in you or not?

Furthermore, she is protective about you, and she often tells you to take care of yourself. Such a caring attitude of her is another hint for you.

After all those indications, you will feel confident enough while conveying your feelings toward her. And hopefully, you can get an expected answer.

If there is no such mentioned sign, then you should think about that maybe you are taking it in a wrong manner and you are the only friend-zoned to her. Therefore, you can get your queries answered without getting embarrassed. 


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