How To Get Your Crush To Like You Back | 15 STEPS

Do This, To Get your crush to like you back instantly. Here are the scientifically proved 15 steps which will make your crush fall for You.

How to get your crush to like you? So maybe there is a guy or a girl who seems very attractive to you. And you think, this is the perfect match for you. And They have everything that you want in a partner and now you are crushing on them. Now you have this question in your mind, how to make your crush like you back? Getting someone like you back can be very stressful and frustrating. But if you follow these tips which I’m going to tell you in the next few lines, it’ll become very easy for you to get your crush to like you back instantly.

1- Make Yourself Visible

How they will like you, when they can’t even see you. Your crush is not going to fall in love for an invisible thing. The first thing that you need to do for making your crush to like you, is to get his/her attention. And If you want to get your crush’s attention, you have to face him/her. Before starting a conversation, walk through their way to let them notice you. Be at the same place wherever your crush is. Let them See you more often. It is a psychological trick which is also known as Proximity Effect.

It will make them familiar with you and they won’t feel awkward while talking to you first time. You’ll be no longer a stranger to them.

2- Be Yourself

Usually when we like someone, we want to show ourselves as a person that we aren’t. Because we want acceptance. We want that person to like us more. This is the biggest mistake that we often make. If you want someone to accept you and love you, first learn to love yourself and accept yourself. Be yourself, and they will like you the way you are

3- Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact is a sign of openness and confident body language. And you know that everyone likes a confident person. So let your crush see your cute eyes. Make Eye Contact and have a little smile on your face. Nothing is more attractive than a smiling face.

4- Start Conversation with them

Now your crush becomes familiar with you, it’s time to start a conversation. If you are feeling nervous then take a deep breath. No need to rush. Find a reason and break the ice. To start your first conversation with your crush you must have a reason and some good questions. Control yourself, and try not to express your feelings in the first conversation.

To start a conversation you can ask them for help. Asking for help from your crush is a great way to start a conversation. It will also make them feel good.

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5- Have Some Mutual Friends

Start chatting with crush’s friends and make them yours. Once you have some mutual friends, your crush will feel easy and comfortable around you. And it will also open a lot of opportunities to be around your crush. So make mutual friends and ask them to introduce you to him/her.

6- Find Common Interest and Ground

One of the best ways to get close to your crush, is to find some common interests and activities that you both like. If your crush goes on a morning walk daily in a park, then you should also go to that same park for a walk. Join those clubs in which your crush is. But make sure that you do not spend your all time in it.

7- Keep in Contact

Now you have made your first conversation and you also share common interests and grounds where you see your crush daily. Now the next step is to keep in contact with your crush. Talk to them until you both become good friends.

8- Be A Good Listener

Being a good listener enriches your understanding and make you see the world through the eyes of others. It improve your communication skills. People like good listeners with whom they can share their good and bad moments of life. If you want to get your crush to like you back, then listen to them and give response accordingly. Ask a question and let them speak. The more they will speak the more they will like you.

9- Let them Trust you

Building trust takes time and effort. If you want someone to trust you then be reliable through your acts consistently. When you say I’m going to do something, then do it, no matter how small it is.

Tell them your secrets. By sharing something personal to your crush shows that you trust them. And In return, they will feel safe to trust you and will tell you their secrets.

10- It takes Time

Everything takes time to develop. Nothing is going to happen overnight. Especially, Relationship nourishes with the passage of time. The more time you spend with someone the stronger connection you will have. So do not rush and let the time do its magic.

11- Show Your Love Through Your Actions

There are 5 Love Languages and people respond to these languages differently. Some like to hear words of love, Some like to spend quality time and some want to see loving behavior. If you want to show your love, first you need to know their love language.

5 Love Languages

  1. Touch
  2. Spend Quality Time
  3. Give Them Gifts
  4. Words of Affirmation
  5. Acts of Service

You can show your love in all of these 5 languages. If you want to make your crush feel appreciated, show them with your words and Acts how much you care.

12- Touch Your Crush Often

As we have mentioned in the previous step that Touch is a love Language. It’s a Love language that almost everyone can understand. So Give your crush a love pat when you walk by and Rub their shoulders when they feel stressed.

13- Always Be Positive

Stay Positive All the time. Accept yourself where you are and try not to judge yourself for your feelings and thoughts. Set Goals. According to a research, Setting goals makes you more positive and hopeful.

14- Have A Sense of Humor

Everyone likes to laugh. If you want to get your crush to like you back then you will have to make her laugh. And for this you must have a good sense of humor. Try watching comedy shows and movies. Observe other people cracking jokes, but try not to copy them. True humor is genuine which reflects your personality.

15- Make The First Move And Express Your Feelings

Now the Final step to make your crush like You. If you feel your loved one likes you back, then make the first move and express what you feel. And I’m sure if you follow the first 14 steps, then they will never Reject you. If they do so, then let them go. They are not worthy of you.

There will always be a chance that the person you love does not love you back. It’s something that you can’t ignore. So Look Forward, Life is very short.