How to get Success like Amazon

A man who has earned the world’s highest money legally in 2018 is Jeff Bezos (Owner and Founder of Amazon). According to the recent billionaire wealth tracker, Jeff Bezos net worth is 166 Billion dollars. And the Second richest person after Jeff is Bill Gates, whose net worth is less than 98 Billion dollars.

Amazon has become the second company after Apple, whose market capitalization cross mark of 1 trillion dollars.

Amazon is an E-Commerce company, which has more 560000 employs. Jeff Incorporated Amazon 1994. This Organization went public in 1997. In 1998, Amazon began selling videos and music. In the following year, Amazon sold a lot of things like consumer electronics, video games, software, toys, and home-improvement items.

As we always say that, If you want to be successful in your life then you must learn from people who are already successful. And if we talk about just financial success then Jeff Bezoz (C.E.O of Amazon) is today’s worlds richest and successful person. So, if you want to be successful in your life then you must learn from Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos net worth is more than 166 Billion dollars. Just to do a comparison, entire Nepal country GDP was around 25 Billion Dollars in 2017. And There are more than 100 countries in the world whose GDP is less than the total net worth of Jeff Bezos.

After looking these facts, now the most important question is how Jeff did it?

1- Innovative Kid

Since Jeff’s childhood, his parents used to consider him as an innovative and smart kid. Because he was very curious type kid, who always want to create something new since his childhood. When Jeff started to walk, he opened the crib with a screwdriver to see how it was made. And when he shifted to Houston with his new family, he used to do a lot of things with the collaboration of his grandfather like giving vaccination to animals and fixing water pipes etc.

When he grew up and his siblings were born, he created an alarm for his bedroom so that whenever his siblings are going to his room, he can know.

Most of the people who do great things in their lives are usually innovators and curious creators. Who prefer creating things on their own. So the first lesson from his life is to be a Curious creator and innovator. So be curious, and try to create as many things as you can.

2- Self Awareness

Jeff Completed his Graduation along with creating so many things. And then he shifted to Princeton city to study Physics. Because he had a great interest in space exploration. But soon he realized that he wasn’t made for that thing. Due to his interest in Computers, he completed his study in computer science and electrical engineering.

Now from this, The second lesson you can take from his life that, Be Self Aware. It’s very important for you to know about yourself very well. What are your week and strong points? And how you can use them properly to get success.

When Jeff knew he wasn’t good in Physics nor he was taking interest in it, he quit it and did what he found interesting.

3- Future Potential

After Jeff completed his studies in 1986, he got various job opportunities from big companies. But he didn’t apply for anyone. By knowing his interest and realizing the internet potential, he joined young Fitel fiber optic company. There he used to create computer networks for internet finance. Then he joined D E show company as a computer specialist. There he worked very hard with discipline and became youngest vice president of that company in 1992.

Everything was going very well. He was earning a good amount of money and getting success. But one day, he read an interesting fact that the Internet is growing 2300 percent every year. He knew the internet potential before, but after reading this fact he understood how much potential internet has and how people underestimate it.

At that time, no one is understanding the power of internet but Jeff finally realized it. So, he decided to quit his well-paid job and thought of starting his own business. That Business was to sell books on the internet.

When told his family and friends about this, everyone was shocked. Why would a normal person leave his great job and take such a big risk?

When his boss asked him, why he was leaving this job he said, when I’ll be 80 years old I’ll not regret that I left that amazing job. But I’ll regret that I didn’t do anything on that internet revolution thing when I had a chance. That had the capability of changing the world and I knew that. Only this thinking made it easy for me to leave my job.

Another lesson from the life of successful people is that they understand the future potential of things. So, improve your future potential understanding capability. And you can do this by taking information about new technologies and working on them.

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