How To Get Karma on Reddit

Karma is the most important thing on Reddit. Whether you upload your pet videos and images or do any kind of marketing, your karma decides what kind of Redditor you are.

Karma is like a user’s score, that you get whenever someone upvotes your post or comment. If you have enough karma, you’ll be allowed by some of the big Reddit communities to post your content over there and get more exposure. If your post is relevant to the community guidelines and people are really enjoying it, you’ll get a lot of upvotes, which will be converted into your Karma. But if your post is not interesting at all, be ready to face bundles of hate comments and downvotes.

Here are the few most important things that you must consider before posting anything.

1. Ask Open-Ended Questions of r/AskReddit

You know that r/askReddit is one of the most popular Subreddit on Reddit, where people ask questions and give answers. I have completed my first 1000 Karma through this Subreddit. I questioned a lot and answered the questions that I know. You can ask questions like “how do I propose my crush?” or any other question that leads to a long-lasting conversation.

2. Post Between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. ET on Sunday

Time is the most important thing when you upload something on any social media site. But on Reddit, it’s more crucial. On Facebook, Insta, and youtube, you get a response within days, months and even years. But on Reddit, the exact second you post something you’ll start getting comments and upvotes. And according to my experience, the 6 a.m, and 8 a.m is the time when most people are online. If you upload between this time, you’ll get more reach.

3. Comment on New Rising Posts

You post the best thing of your life and expect it’ll explode within a day, but unfortunately, your post is not visible to anyone. It is one of the biggest problems of every new Redditor. And to deal with this problem the one thing you can do is to do your comments on the rising Posts and engage yourself in it. It will help you to get more exposure.

I hope these basic tips will help you to gain your first 10000 Karma.