How to Forget Someone You Loved Deeply

You might have searched a lot about how to forget someone you loved deeply, how to get over an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend or how to get over the love of your life. Today, I’m going to answer this question in a very simple way.

But before we go in detail, you must have to know that, it doesn’t matter your love is old or new, it’s always difficult to ignore those things attached to it.

When you are in Love, you experience every emotion and feelings. Sometimes you are sad, sometimes you are happy, anxious, worried and almost every kind of feelings you go through. So, It becomes difficult to forget those feelings attached to that specific person.

You can try these things if you want to forget a person you loved deeply.

1-Avoid Contact with that person

The sting of breakup is very painful and disorienting. And the best way to heal your wounds is, stop contact with your ex. 

If you are trying really hard to recover from the end of a relationship, then you must have to do this. Communicating with your ex will only prolong your suffering. And it prevents you from beginning a process of letting go.

This may be hard, but it’s very important. Interacting with your Ex can lead to weird and awkward situations, where both of you are thinking about past memories and old relationship.

It’s very difficult to end a relationship, but the sufferings and painful feelings are not permanent. You’ll feel angry, sad and shocked. The feelings of sadness and depression are normal and part of the healing process. If you take it normally, a kind of acceptance will come into your life. But if you persist to keep a connection with your ex, you are working against the healing process. Accepting the fact that, your ex is no longer there will take you to the path of healing.

Apply this advice to your social connections as well. Block or unfriend your ex on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites. And remove that person’s number from your mobile.

2- Value Yourself

You need to know that, you are the most important person in your own life. When you keep this thing in your mind then it’ll become easier for you to focus on your self instead of your lost partner. You can be your own best friend or biggest enemy when it comes to your relationship with your self.

Everyone has flaws. Just accept those flaws and be confident. Never Ever think that your flaws are decreasing your beauty and worth. Actually, those flaws are increasing your attraction by making you more unique and different from others.

Do not compare yourself with others on the base of specific standers set by others. When you compare yourself with others, you ignore the awesome things you have done and you can do. Everyone has set their scale of perfection, and they are trying to achieve that scale, which is quite impossible. Instead of measuring your worth on other’s scale, think what is meaningful and important for you. Be yourself, you’ll be very beautiful.

Embrace your mistakes and Learn from them. You know, no one is perfect, everyone does mistakes and blunders. We shouldn’t feel regret on them. We should accept them. We can’t change our past. Because it’s not under our control, but our present is. Then why we’re making our present worst by just thinking about the past.

3- Focus on Your Goals

Take your breakup as motivation and concentrate on your life goals. No doubt, the breakup is the last and toughest stage of life. When a relationship comes to an end, the intensity of depression and sadness can ruin someone’s life. If you are going through the same phase of life, never ever lose hope. It’s not the end of the world. Every incident is a lesson. Learn it and move on with a hope of a better future.

Set your life goals, plan for them and start working on them. The Motivation you gain from a breakup to do something in your life, not a single motivational speaker can give you that motivation. Just use that motivation well and start work to achieve your goals and dreams.

Another thing that you need to do if you want to forget your ex is, Just forgive him/her. Let go. It doesn’t matter who made mistake, just let it go. It’ll make you a bigger and better person.