How To Flirt with a Guy You Like – 5 PROVEN Tricks

7 Most Effective Ways on How To Flirt with a Guy You Like. Try These flirting techniques to get any guy to like you back instantly.

Flirting with a cute guy is a dream of every girl, but sometimes it looks challenging to accomplish this task, and there can be many reasons behind it. Either you lack communication, or you are an introverted person.

Studies say that girls are shyer as compared to boys when it comes to expressing their feelings and love. So how to flirt with a guy? 

If you were trying hard to get cheesy with a boy and ended up being embarrassed, don’t worry because, in this article, I will guide you on how to flirt with a guy you like. 

Also, I’ll make sure to share other tips as well as how you can make a strong relationship and how you can communicate better.

Make sure you read the article till the end because there are a lot of fantastic tips for you which I am going to reveal and I have some questions for you as well. 

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How To Flirt with a Guy You Like

5 Ways on How to Flirt with a Guy You Like The Most

Are you in love with a guy and want to flirt with him? But you ended up being embarrassed and don’t want to talk with him again. Don’t worry because I have the best tips for you that will help you to solve all the issues.

Unfortunately, flirting is not an easy task if you are shy, but you can make it if you follow the rules correctly. All you need, someone who can guide you better, and I am here for you. 

Now let’s discuss what these tips are and how you can use them in your daily routines. 

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1- Make Eye Contact 

This tip is my favorite one and will help you to communicate with a guy in a better way. If you have the guts to make eye contact, then, believe me, you are winning the game. Eye contact is the first step when it comes to flirting.

Although eye contact can be hard, if you can do it, then you can flirt as well. All you have to do is look into his eyes and start talking to him. 

Keep this in mind that you are not staring deep because it’s not a good indicator. Meanwhile, when you are keeping eye contact, you can also start talking and ask him about his likes and dislikes. 

Don’t act stupid while looking into his eyes, pass some smile, and rest leave it to him. It’s a simple way that you can use to flirt with someone. Isn’t it breathtaking? 

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2- Smile and Laugh

Smiling and laughing at what a guy says to you is the best way to flirt with him. In this way, you can show that you are interested in him and the conversation, as well. This is also the best way to keep him comfortable.

So, I would suggest you to enjoy listening to what he talks with you. Even if his jokes are irrelevant, but still you have to show they are funny. 

Doing this process will make you look more attractive in front of him, and it will also show that you are flirting with him. Guys like those girls who pay attention to their conversations. 

Furthermore, be careful not to overdo it because, in this way, you will sound like cackling hyena.

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3- Pay Him Compliment

How to flirt with a guy? Paying him a compliment will do the trick. If you really want to impress him, then compliment him for what he does.

If you want to flirt with a guy, then make sure to compliment him on everything you find attractive. You can choose some cheesy pickup lines too. 

Here are some rules that you must have to follow while complimenting a guy.

  • Make sure you compliment a guy on specific things that they like the most. You can use some lines like “I think you look great in this shirt” or “I think this color suits you the most” use these lines or you can make yours as well.
  • If your guy loves to play sport, then attend his tournaments and cheer for him. In case if you are feeling more intimate, then tell him you like to watch him play. Compliment him for playing good and bad, as well. 
  • Don’t overdo it; otherwise, he will think that your compliments are fake. 

Now Let’s move on to tip number 4 on how to flirt with a guy.

5- Tease Him

Teasing a guy is the best way to flirt with him. Teasing him for everything will indicate that you are interested in him. You can tease him for what he likes the most. Make sure you keep the teasing process simple, so he doesn’t get infuriated by your acts. 

You can tease him for normal things such as about his looks, smile, jokes, etc. If you feel that teasing is going too far, then stop immediately. 

Keep this in mind that teasing should be done in a limit because your main goal is to flirt with him, not to irritate him.

Also, never get too personal while teasing him because you will have to face embarrassment, and it can create a worse situation.

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5- Ask Him for Date

This one is my favorite because asking for a date direct is the best way to indicate that you like him. I have tried this method when I first liked a guy, and believe me; it worked for me. 

Asking a guy direct for a date will increase your chances and will also help you to communicate better. In this way, you can easily communicate with the people you liked the most.

You can also ask for him coffee or dinner. In this way, he will think that you are into him. Isn’t it just a perfect way to flirt with someone? 

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How To Flirt with a Guy You Like

Final words: How To Flirt with a Guy

How to flirt with a guy? You can try different ways, but the ways I have mentioned above are best for you. You can easily try these methods and can get the best results in no time. But make sure not to exceed your limits as it can create issues for you and him as well.

Do you want to know the tip of the day? Well, here you go, “Make sure you flirt with someone with a smile as it will help you to boost your confidence.” Cheers.

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