How to Earn Money Online in 2019

Are you searching for online business and how to earn money online in 2019? Then you are in a right place. here, in this article, we’ll discuss 2 Most Popular ways to earn money online. We’ll also talk about their advantages and disadvantage, their start-up cost and how much you can earn from them monthly.

1- Online Book Publishing

We think that we can’t publish a book. Only genius and intelligent people can do this. Or we may require a lot of money to publish a book. But it’s not true. Anyone can publish his own book if he has some skills.

For example, if you are selling online on Amazon, then you can write a book on that concept in your original language. Or if you have a youtube channel, you can write a book to tell people how to grow a Youtube Channel. You can write on farming, cooking, graphic designing etc. Or anything about which you have great knowledge.

Once you write your own book, you can self publish it in 3 ways. If you want to publish an ebook, you can go to Amazon Kindle. And if your Book is physical with printed pages then website will be best for you. And if you want to publish your book in form of an audiobook, then you can go on

Now let’s talk about the difficulty level. Its Entry barrier is very low, and anyone can start it with low investment and time.

And if we talk about its entry cost. You can start this business by investing from 0 to 100$. If you write your book by your own then it will cost 0. But if you hire a ghostwriter to write your book, it’ll cost 100 to 150$.

Now the next question is, how much time is required for this business? You need at least 30 days to a book of 100 pages.

How much we can earn from this business model? the answer to this question is, you can earn up to 500$ or plus in a single month. It depends on your sells.

2- Affiliate Marketing

The Second Method of earning money online is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means, if you help people to sell their product then you’ll get some commission from that.

You can join Amazon and big brands to do Affiliate marketing. They will give you a unique link. If anyone clicks on that link and buy their product, you’ll get some percentage of commission

The Advantage of being an affiliate marketer on Amazon is that, if some visit Amazon website through your link and purchase anything within 24 hours, you’ll get paid from Amazon.

And Now if we talk about its difficulty level, then it is a little difficult. Because to do this, you must have some following on your social media accounts to whom you’ll recommend buying something.

Next is Start Up Cost. To start this work, it’ll cost from 0 to 50$. If you create a Youtube channel and send traffic from that then it won’t cost anything. But if you create a blog or website then you must have to buy a domain and hosting for that.

Now the Question is, how much time does it require?

To create a good source of traffic, you need at least 6 months.

How much you can Earn?

By doing affiliate marketing, you can make 1 to 10 thousand dollars in a single month. But it all depends on the number of followers you have and how much trustworthy relation you have with them.