How to Make a Six-Figure Income Online

By creating your own content and uploading it on the internet you can make a huge amount of money. Six figures are very less. You can earn even more if you do this consistently.

It’s very hard to find a real way to earn money online with all of the scams all over the internet. And even with well-known business models like affiliate marketing and E-Commerce, it takes very long to make even a single sale. However, there is a business opportunity by which you can make unlimited money without having to sign up for anything and doing hard work for a very small amount of money.

This called Content Creation. By creating your own content and uploading it on the internet, you can make a huge amount of money. Six figures are very less. You can earn even more if you do this consistently.

Have you ever heard about Mark Zuckerberg? He has earned 54 Billion US Dollars by just creating a simple website. A famous quote, shout for the moon. And even if you miss the moon then you’ll at least land among the stars.

So Aim for big, start from small, and be consistent. So here, I’ll suggest you create your own blog or website and write articles for that. And if you wanna know how you can do this? then just read this article completely.

1- Choose a Topic You Love

It’s very important to choose a topic you are passionate about, and you enjoy. So that you can create as many interesting contents as you can. So the first thing that you need to do is to choose a particular niche, you are familiar with.

2 – Purchase Web-Hosting And Domain Name

After choosing a good topic, buy a domain name and Web-Hosting from any domain providing site. Most Popular sites are GoDaddy and HostGator. Buy a .com or .net domain from domain provider.

To buy a Domain you can go to GoDaddy website and search for a domain name you like. Remember, the domain name should be related to your topic. For example, As we give How-to instructions our domain name is

3- Create Your Website

Create your own website. Most domain and hosting sites give you an easy tutorial on how you build your website. You can build your own website by just simple web building tools inside of your control panel. You can also create a website on Wix or WordPress. About 18% of websites on the internet are created by WordPress.

For your information, After buying hosting and domain name it took me 20 minutes to create is Website

4- Start Writing Articles and Content on Your website

Writing for a site or blog is completely different from writing a paper or an essay. while writing an essay, you discuss things you are going to explain. Present an overview of the literature and then draw your conclusion. But if you are writing for a blog then you need to do the opposite of that. Your most important points should always come first.

The important information for your web visitors is a simple statement of what you do. Once they know what you do, then they go for further details.

Don’t try to be creative and clever. People who read your articles don’t have much time to think about every single word. They are in hurry. They can check other websites instead of wasting their time trying to figure out what you do.

5- Get AdSense Approval

Everyone knows that Ad Sense ads are best paying ad program for content creators. People who are creating content like videos on Youtube and articles on blogs and website are earning a lot from this program. AdSense pay on the base of impressions and ad clicks. and average earning from 1000 views on article or videos 2-3 $.

But Adsense has some strict approval policies for bloggers. To get approved by Adsense your blog must be 6 months old, otherwise, you won’t get approval. But if you have created a quality website then getting approval from AdSense is quite easy. So if you want to get approved by AdSense follow these instructions.

  • 1- Buy a custom domain name from domain providers (e.g GoDaddy)
  • 2- Add pages (Home, about, contact, privacy policy, disclaimer)
  • 3- Make sure your blog design is simple
  • 4- Don’t use copyright content (images, articles)
  • 5- Have at least 20 well-written posts
  • Now Apply for AdSense