How to Ask a Girl Out on a Date: 7 STEPS (Rejection Proof)

How To Ask a Girl Out? Here are the 7 Steps that will help you in this process. After reading this, You'll be able to ask any girl out without getting rejected.

How to ask a girl out on a date? Every man once in a lifetime go through a situation in which he has to ask a girl out. Asking a girl out on date for the first time makes it even tough.

You want to ask out a girl from next door or a girl from the same class you study in. You don’t want to look desperate and spoil your relationship by not doing it rightly. Also, don’t want to get embarrassed by getting a negative response. But here, in this article, there is a complete solution to your problem. After reading this article completely, you’ll be able to know how to ask a girl out on a date without getting rejected.

By obeying me, you can master such a burdensome task. I will share some most helpful tips on how to ask a girl out. These tips will surely help you in asking a girl out for date whom you one day will get marry.

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how to ask a girl out

7 Steps To Ask a Girl Out on a Date

1- Make yourself clear to her from the start

You have to make your intentions clear from the start. Don’t let her friend-zoned you. Also not say it directly on her face before asking out.

You have to act patiently and keenly. So making your intention clear means to give her some hint or get her an idea of what is going on in your mind. Take some interest in her personal life. Ask some question related to family or if she ever has a boyfriend. 

This will make her think that maybe that guy is interested in me. That’s why he is asking such questions to me. The time you will actually ask her out, it won’t be surprising to her. That will be something she is expecting from you.

That can be your perfect first move to make. 

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2- Know that if she is interested in you

How to ask a girl out? Before asking a girl out, you have to be sure whether she thinks about you the same way or not.

You can get help from some of her common friends. Or the way she looks at you and smiles at you. You can get to know that by being around her.

You should know your girl well. If you have no eye contacts with her, then that doesn’t mean that she is not interested in you. Maybe she is too shy. It can be just a way to know what is in her mind.

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3- Compliment her to understand her reaction

Compliment her look or her behavior. To know whether she likes it or not. Tell her about the things you like the most about her. If she is one of your class fellow that tell her about how well she presented her topic today. 

If she smiles back and become chuffed by your compliments, then this means she likes getting compliments from you.

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4- Prepare Yourself Before Asking a Girl Out

You have to do your homework. You should look good on that day. Looking good doesn’t mean to be overdressed. Just be clean and look smart. It’ll be enough for that day.

And also be prepared for not to lose your confidence. Remember it well what you are going to say.

Also, try to focus on her eyes because the eyes speak a lot. Also, prepare yourself for a negative response. How to handle that? Maybe on the spot, she refuses, but by seeing your decency, she will reach you and changes her mind. You can win her heart by that too.  

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5- Ask Her out when she is alone

How to ask a girl out? Ask a girl out when there is none of her friend roaming around. That’s the way she can reply to you honestly. And it would be really awkward for her to give yes as an answer in front of all her friends. Without having any fear of her friend judging her.

Try not to make a big deal out of it. Keep it simple. Just go to the girl and start it by asking HI! How was your day? Then ask her whether she would like to go out with you or not? And make it clear that it just you and me.

You need to keep the confidence and guts while asking her out. And don’t rush toward things if you do not want her to think of you a desperate person.

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6- Choose a place for your date

Now choosing a place this day is also very difficult. As many places are crowded and full of actions. So you have to be sure where you are taking her.

Do a lot of consideration on it. And come up with someplace where will be just the two of you. So you can talk peacefully and get to know each other better. You should make the girl comfortable. 

Ask her which time is more suitable for her. Even if it didn’t match your schedule. Take time out for her.

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7- Go on the date

This is the time where you don’t have to be prepared for. Just be yourself and let her know you. You can talk about your family and your favorite place to go out.

Make sure that the food is on you. Even if you are nervous, then it is also completely fine. As it is normal. Many girls find it charming and fascinating.

Don’t try to flirt too much because she may find it cheeky. Coming out, a decent person will make her think more about you. Listen to her very carefully when she speaks, and once if she starts talking, then your job is done to make her feel comfortable.

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how to ask a girl out for date

Conclusion: How To Ask a Girl Out For Date

Many people don’t know the answer of how to ask a girl out? It’ll test your confidence level and gentleness. In my perspective, keeping it as simple and precise as you can. Don’t make a big deal for her and for yourself too.

You don’t have to be a complete stranger to the girl while asking her out. No girl will trust going out with a stranger. Hence, it’ll decrease the chances of getting a positive response. So make sure that the girl knows you. 

Asking the first time sounds difficult because if anything goes wrong, it can turn into a full stop for forever. So the correct choice of words is extremely important at the same time.

(Amna Asghar)