How To Approach A Girl You Love | 10 Secret Ways (Most Effective)

So You Love a Girl and want to start a conversation with her. Here is the step by step guide on how to approach a girl you love.

How to approach a girl you love? It can be quiet challenging because there are a lot of ways that you can use to approach a girl. You need the courage to talk to a girl that you love, and for this, you need to know about some fantastic methods which I am going to tell you in this article.

It seems quite difficult to approach a girl that you love. You have some deep feelings for her. And because of those feelings, you fear to contact her. And you do not want to take the risk of being rejected by her.

Before you worry about what to say when you approach that girl, you need to find the right time. Remember, timing is the most important part. If your time is appropriate, then you can easily get the girl. Follow these rules, and you will find the girl you love.

How to approach a girl you love? Here are 10 amazing ideas that you can use to get that pretty girl.

1- Try Some Science

If you want to approach a girl, be like a scientist and do experiments. Try new ways to approach that girl. Also, remember each girl is not the same because if you want to approach a girl, you have to use different methods.

Don’t try to do silly things that will make you look creepy. Instead, try to be realistic as much as you can. Be mature and tell her about your work and personality.

If the girl you are trying to approach is cute and gorgeous, then there is a possibility that a lot of guys are trying hard to approach her to make her their girlfriend. So, do not be one of them. Be the only one that she’ll like. Because girls always love those guys who are different from others.

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2- Be a question master

How are you? What do you do for a living? How many siblings you have?  Ask these types of questions because girls love to be with that guy who takes an interest in them by asking these types of questions. Remember a conversation is give and take.  

Want to know what is conversation? You ask some questions and she shares answers with you. Then you share your experience in relation and from one to another question, she starts to share her feelings with you; this is called conversation. Girls love those guys who listen to their feeling. 

Don’t forget to play truth and dare. This is one of the best ways to make your conversation more interesting.

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3- Don’t be a lame all the time

What is the first thing you look in the girl? That is attractiveness, but just the girl is pretty, that doesn’t mean she is fun and can entertain you.

That same rule applies on a guy it doesn’t mean how handsome you’re if you are not fun to be around then no one will want to spend time with you. A girl likes those guys who are interesting and more fun to be around.

And also know how to change the mood of a girl. Therefore, one of our best methods of approaching the girl you love is to be funny and know how to party. You can also spread those positive vibes too.  

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4- Try some basic things

Eye contact is one of the easiest ways to approach a girl because through eye contact she knows that you are interested in her, but you have to make sure that you are showing your interest in that girl through your eye contact.

Make sure to show her your feelings through eye contact. It will make her wonder why you are looking at her that way. She will notice that you are showing some interest in her.

Through that, she will notice you, and she will feel more likely to talk with you or start a conversation with you. And this is the easiest method to start a conversation. 

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5- The goddess of victory

Have you heard about the Greek goddess Nike? She made her slogan that was: “don’t think just do.” It means that don’t think about the things that might get wrong just do it.

Enter the room and talk to that girl you like. This will boost your confidence, and you don’t dive yourself to think about how things could go wrong, and you will figure pretty quickly that there is nothing to be worried about in the first place.

How to approach a girl you love? I think The goddess of victory is the best method to approach a girl. 

6- Count down from 4

The best way to approach a cute girl is to count down from 4, 3, 2, 1 and approach. Convince yourself that there is no other option and the truth is that there is no other option.

Just count down from 3 and approach that girl you love. This method will help you to think less. Not just it will also help you to approach the girl and will make your work easier.

You Still have the same question how to approach a girl you love? Believe me; this method is best for you.  

7- Take Risks

This is one of the riskiest methods for some guys out there. But no risk no reward. Here how to tread the friend zone without been fake creepy or too nice. 

Show her that you don’t want anything from her; you just want to be a friend, and this method will do the trick. She will like your friendly behaviour. Also, she will feel more comfortable with you.

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8- The female co-pilot

Sure it is easy for those who like to go to the bar alone and strike up a conversation with anyone. All guys are not the same, and it is important to have a wingman with you. But it is much better than your wingman is a girl. Because who knows the most about girls? Other girls.

9- Judge the cover

Alright now is the time to pull the trigger known what you are against off? Ask yourself that this is the girl you want to talk with. Observe her but don’t get creepy about it and you’ll learn a lot about her by saying a single word.

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10- Own your expectation

By managing your expectation, you neutralise the effects of rejection and allow yourself to think clearly about how to approach that girl.

If you are expecting from her, let her expect from you too. You can also tell her your feelings and make her feel better.

Final words

How to approach a girl you love? I am sure you will love these methods and will try to follow them to make your life better. Comment below your opinion on how to approach a girl? So we can share some cool ideas with other people.

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