Valentine’s Day 2022: Unexpected Facts, Stories and History of Valentines Day

Love exists from the origin of the human. We can’t say that it’s about the one-man act. It’s about the whole of humanity. And there is no specific day to show and express your feelings. Then Why People Celebrate Valentines Day? There’s a story behind it. Which I’m going to discuss in this article. Here we’ll briefly study the valentine’s day origin, history of valentines day and why it has become a popular tradition.

We all know that 14 Feb is considered Valentine’s day (also known as St. Valentine’s Day). It’s a day when lovers express their love through greetings and gifts to their loved ones.

When we study the History of Valentines Day the one thing we know about Valentine’s Day Origin is, it basically came from an ancient Roman festival Lupercalia. Which was conducted annually on 15 Feb intended to avert evil spirits and purify the city. And it has also been said, it took place to please the Roman Fertility God and to honor the she-wolf. This festival began with the sacrifice of two male goats and a Dog. And it was celebrated by pairing off women with men by lottery. And then later on the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church St. Gelasius I (492-496) replaced it with St. Valentine’s Day.

Who Was the Real St. Valentine?

There are a lot of myths about the St. Valentine of 14 Feb. Because there are numerous Saints who named valentine. Which one is associated with Valentine’s day?

Here are the few stories about the valentine’s day origin | History of Valentines Day

History of Valentines day - Valentine's day stories
Valentine’s day stories

Valentine’s Day Stories | History of Valentines Day

Story #1 | Valentine’s Day History

In the third century, Emperor Claudius II felt like single men make better soldiers than those who are married or with their families. And then he decided to restrict marriage for young men. Valentine went against the Emperor realizing it’s an injustice of the decree. And he continued to perform marriages of young soldiers. And when the emperor came to know about this act of saint valentine, he ordered him to be put to death.

Story #2 | Valentines Day History

It is described as an unauthentic and fictional story that in the third century CE, a priest named Valentine (who fell in love with Nun). Since it was prohibited for priests to marry nun in Christianity, So one day, Valentine said, In my dream, I’ve been told that on 14 Feb, it’s allowed for a priest and nun to get married and do all stuff that married couple does (you know what I mean). The nun believed in him and then they both went through everything they should not have done. And they were killed for violating church tradition.

Story #3 | Valentines Day History

When Valentine was in jail, he fell in love with a girl, who was probably the daughter of Jailor. She used to visit him during his confinement. And before he died he wrote the girl a note signed “From your Valentine,”.

The stories above about the History of Valentines day emphasize that he was a sympathetic, heroic and romantic figure.

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Valentine’s Day Origin & Pagan Celebration of Lupercalia

As I have already told you that what is the relation between the Roman Festival Lupercalia and Valentine’s Day. Lupercalia was an ancient festival celebrated to please the Roman God of Fertility which later on replaced by St. Valentine’s day in the 5th century.

Some people believe that this day is celebrated in the middle of February to honor & tribute on Valentine’s Death which occurred on AD-270. And then Christian Churches decided to place and celebrate a feast day in the middle of the month in an effort to Christianize Lupercalia celebrations.

Day of Romance | History of Valentines Day

How did Valentine’s Day turn into Romance Day? Now this question might come in your mind that, the tradition which was related to blood and sacrifice, how can be a day of showing love.

In the initial rise of Christianity, Lupercalia survived. But at the end of the 5th century, it was outlawed by Pope Gelasius as it was considered “un-Christian”. And then later (in middle ages) it had been associated with love. During middle ages (5th-15th Century), in England and France, I was believed that 15 Feb is a day of Birds’ Mating, which gave the idea to consider Valentine’s Day as a Day of Romance.


Valentines week - history of valentines day

Valentine’s Week: How Valentine’s day is being celebrated

Every tradition/festival follow particular rules, regulations, and routine. Valentine’s day also has some rules. The Celebrations start on 7th Feb and goes for an entire week.

Valentine Week Day List:

  • 7th Feb, Rose Day
  • 8th Feb, Propose Day
  • 9th Feb, Chocolate Day
  • 10th Feb, Teddy Day
  • 11th Feb, Promise Day
  • 12th Feb, Hug Day
  • 13th Feb, Kiss Day
  • 14th Feb, Valentine’s Day

Rose Day (7th Feb)

This is the first day of valentine’s week. On this day lovers present roses to their loved ones to show their love. Mostly Roses of three colors (Red, White, Yellow) are being presented. Each color has a different meaning.

  • Red Rose: Love
  • Yellow Rose: Friendship
  • White Rose: A New Beginning

Propose Day (8th Feb)

As quite obvious from the name, the propose day is a day when people propose their loved ones to get marry and be in a relationship forever.

Chocolate Day (9th Feb)

The sweetest day in the valentine’s week list 2022. On Chocolate day people gift chocolates to ones they love. This day is not bound to girlfriend and boyfriend only. You can gift chocolate to anyone you Love. Like your friends, siblings or parents.

Teddy Day (10th Feb)

On Teddy Day boyfriend gift Teddy bear to their girlfriends. Why Teddy? Because represent the innocent and childish behavior of girls, as they are cute and lovable. Not only girls but some boys also love teddy bear but it always considers a girly thing by our society.

Promise Day (11th Feb)

We make promises and commitments to show how much we care for that person. It mainly shows the importance of that person we’re making a promise with. It’s also a scale to see whether our partner is trustworthy or not. Promise day is the day when lovers make promises. And it’s the 4th day in valentine’s week list.

Hug Day (12th Feb)

You’ve probably listened about the “5 Love Languages”. Where the writer has written touch as one of the most effective love languages. We often show our love to someone by pat on the head, grabbing both shoulders and hug. So hug is a way to show our love. Hug day is a day to provide hugs to our loved ones. It’s the fifth day of valentine’s week list 2022.

Kiss Day (13 Feb)

Now it’s a day to go a bit further to build a healthy relationship. It shows how passionate you are, and your desire, love, and intimacy with that person.

Valentine’s Day (14 Feb)

The final day of Valentine’s Week list, Valentine’s day. All of the days mentioned above, lead to the valentine’s day. When couples spend quality time together and enjoy their relationship. It brings love. romance and joy back into their life. They take leave from office work and spend a whole day with the person they love. And this the last day of valentine’s week list 2022.


Valentines day celebrations - History of valentines day

Valentine’s Day 2022: Celebrations

How Valentine’s day 2022 will be celebrated? The tradition of middle ages is still being celebrated in this developed era of 2022. We’ve become too modern and developed. A few years ago, people were just writing letters to each other. And now, the video call has changed everyone’s life. Giving a gift to your beloved has also become much easier. On Amazon, you can instantly buy anything by a few simple clicks.

Valentine’s Day Facts | History of Valentines Day

When we read about the history of valentines day, we see a lot of weird things too.

  • In the Middle Ages, Men and Women drew names from a bowl to see who would be their valentine this year.
  • The Kiss symbol we use in the text is not new. It was being used from medieval times.
  • One Valentine’s day 73% Men buy flowers while the only girl are only 27%
  • King Henry VIII in 1537 declared that Valentine’s Day (14 Feb) will be a public Holiday
  • 85% of all valentine’s gifts are bought by women.
  • School Teachers receive the largest number of Valentine’s day cards.

Valentine’s Day Ideas 2022

After knowing some cool facts, stories, and history of valentines day, you might have intended to celebrate this day more excitedly. Here we got some awesome ideas that will make this day really special for you.

Valentine's Day Ideas 2020 - Valentine's day history

1. Have a Date with your Partner

To make this day special, have a date with your partner. Buy tickets for an event going nearby. Or if both of you want to spend this day alone and don’t want any distraction, just go on a trip to some beautiful places. Spend Quality time together. Make promises and commitments to make yourself better this year.

2. Cook Special Dish

To celebrate valentine’s day, you can cook your boyfriend’s most favorite dish, and decorate it with a heart sign. It shows how much you care for him. And if you are a boy, you can take your girlfriend to a special place she always desired.

3. Watch Netflix Together

Turn off All the lights and close the doors, so that you can’t be distracted. And watch your favorite romantic movie on Netflix.

4. Give Them Surprise

Giving your loved ones a surprise is also one of the best ways to celebrate valentine’s day. Surprise your partner with the things they wish and desire for. It could be anything. And you know it better than me. Because they are your partner, not mine, JK.

5. Do Some Social Work Together

Plan to do something challenging and special this year. Like, you can ask your partner to go out with you to collect some charity and funds, and then buy food from all of the money and give to the homeless and poor people in your city. Challenge yourself to collect a specific amount of money till the evening, it will be more exciting.


Valentines day gifts - valentine's day history

Valentine’s Day Gifts 2022

According to research, about 85% of all valentine’s day gifts are being bought by women. Come on boys, what are you doing. From the above paragraphs about the history of valentines day, you knew it was a man who started it. And now, you are taking it for granted.

And buying a gift for your partner doesn’t really mean that you have to spend a lot of money. You can give anything that you can afford at the time. The person who truly loves you won’t ever judge you by the price of the valentine’s gifts that you’re giving. If my girlfriend gifts me a pen of cost 1$, it’ll be more precious than a diamond for me. Because she took her time and went to the market just to buy a gift for me. She loves me a lot. Oh So Cute !!

Here are some Valentine’s day gifts ideas that you’ll like:

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

  1. Handmade I LOVE YOU Card of real bamboo wooden
  2. Knock Knock, What I love about you
  3. You are my person (key chain)
  4. A Pair of Mugs, Gold foil rose, Photo Frames
  5. Key Ring (Drive Safe Handsome, I Love You)
  6. Good Morning Handsome Tea Cup
  7. Cool Pen Gift for Men

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

  1. Chocolate Caramel and Crunch Basket
  2. Spa Gift Basket for her
  3. Scented Candles Gift for Her
  4. Makeup Mirror with LED Lights
  5. T-Shirt (I Don’t Need Google, My Husband Knows Everything)
  6. Rose Bear Teddy
  7. Love You More Mug
How To make Valentine's day special

How to make Valentine’s Day 2022 Special

To Celebrate all kinds of loving relationships, valentine’s day is very special. And to make it extra special Valentine’s day 2022, You can go for these:

  • Arrange for Dinner
  • Go for a long walk together and have a meaningful conversation
  • Hug and Say” I LOVE YOU”
  • Take a Partner Dance Class
  • Play Truth or Dare
  • Visit your hometown and tell them all of your childhood stories
  • Go for Shopping together in formal attire
  • Become a tour of your own city and explore new and old places
  • Write a note to your partner and write everything you feel about them

Valentine’s Day doesn’t really mean that you have to spend a lot of money to make your partner happy. Even a few words of affirmations can be enough to win their hearts and to make them feel special. Spend Quality time together and don’t be worry about the money. It’s a day to celebrate not to worry.

It took me about 5 Days to write this article on Valentine’s day 2022. I researched a lot about the origin and history of valentines day, Valentine’s day stories, valentine’s day ideas, valentine’s week list and valentine’s day gifts to make it more valuable for you. I hope you enjoyed it a lot. The only favor you can do me, share it to your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and other social platforms. Help me get 1000 Shares before 14 February.

Stay Blessed !!

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