13 Best Gifts for Your Boyfriend | Gift Ideas for Boyfriend 2020

Are Looking for Your Boyfriend Gift? Here’s a cheat sheet that would provide you the perfect gift ideas for boyfriend.

13 Cool Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

We all know that feeling when it’s time to decide something for him, we just don’t seem to find a lot of options. You don’t have to go through the process of exploring different malls just to find something special for him this time. Here’s a cheat sheet that would provide you the perfect gift ideas for boyfriend that will leave him speechless.

best watches for boyfriend - gift ideas for boyfriend

1- Watch

This should be one of the best gift ideas for boyfriend. A watch isn’t just an instrument to check time anymore, It’s an accessory. It defines the personality and gives your look that class you never realized was super attractive. No matter what kind of man is he, you can never go wrong with this one. Be it an athletic person, a business guy or a fancy nerd, there is a watch for everyone. Get the best type according to his personality and he would love it! 

Gift for your boyfriend

2- Perfume

We all love men’s colognes and scents. Ask any man and he would assure you that this indeed is another one of the best gift ideas for your boyfriend. Understanding the kind of notes he prefers is the key. Usually, an athletic boyfriend would like more aquatic/woody notes while a nature lover would prefer fresh flowers or citric scent. 

set of gift ideas for boyfriend

3- A Gift Set 

Do you feel like he is extra special and you need to look for some more amazing gift ideas for boyfriend? Do you believe just a watch or a perfume bottle won’t suffice? Worry not. Buy a whole set or customize one by yourself. Add a tie, some accessories, a cologne, a shirt or literally anything his favorite. Arrange it all nicely and pack it for a good look.

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Clothes Gifts for Boyfriend

4- Clothes

All of us sometimes imagine our better half in something we find really appealing. Do you feel like it’s missing from their wardrobe? Buy an outfit or two and gift him. Not only it adds a difference to his wardrobe, but he will also think of you every time he wears it. Just make sure you buy the right size and keep the invoice with you just in case he needs to change the size or so. This would save you from quite some hassle, really.

shoes gifts for boyfriend

5- Shoes

Sometimes just like some women, men love their shoes more than anything in their closet. If your man is one of them, you don’t need to search around for gift ideas for boyfriend. Just get him his favorite pair of shoes. Once you start looking, you’ll find shoes of every type: athletic, classy, old school or biker style.  Just get the most suitable one for him.

restaurants date ideas for couple

6- A Fancy Restaurant Date

Is he the kind of person who loves food more than any of the things mentioned above? Take him to his most favorite fancy restaurant. Maybe the fine dining place you two always dreamt of going to or the live sushi place he talked about. You can also take live cooking classes from some fancy restaurant. This would be a nice date moment for you two as well!

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wallet gift for boyfriend

7- Wallet/Bag

Bags and wallets are one of the accessories men use on a daily basis. Get him a nice leather bag or a sporty wallet whatever fits his personality best. Customized wallet with engraved name could be a special thing for some. Choose the right one and this could be one of the best gift ideas for boyfriend you could’ve ever thought of.

concert with boyfriend

8- Concert/Tour Tickets

Does he have a favorite artist, a favorite show or a dream vacation spot? Buy tickets for both of you and take him to his favorite concert or get the passes of that show/tournament he has always wanted to watch live. You may also just buy return tickets for his favorite vacation destination and have a little time out for both of you together!

playstation gifts for boyfriend

9- Device

When you want to decide a gift for him, always keep in mind his likes & dislikes. If he is more of a device and gadgets person, look no further. Buy a PlayStation, apple watch or phone whatever you think he would like the best.

guitar as boyfriend gift

10- Musical Instrument

If the most prominent passion of his life is all about music and arts, choose something out of that context to gift him. You may get him a guitar, a violin or a piano. Anything that he enjoys the best. This would be one of the most memorable gifts he will ever have. Also like a souvenir whenever he’d play it, he will definitely think of you!

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sports equipment as boyfriend gift

11- Sports Equipment

Some men do enjoy sports instead of gaming or anything else. It can be golf, cricket, soccer or basketball. If that’s his hobby, better choose a nice kit of sports equipment to gift him. You could also go for a limited edition sports equipment signed by his favorite player. He is going to love it for sure!

books as boyfriend gift

12- Books 

If he is a book worm and enjoys to have a cup of coffee and his favorite book in his free time, you may also buy some good books for him. If he has a favorite author, you can buy a signed copy and gift it to him.

Pets as Boyfriend Gift

13- A Pet

This one should be hands down the best gift ideas for your boyfriend if he happens to love pets! Get him a dog or a cat depending on his preference. If he already has pets, you may gift him & his pet something that says something about their bonds like a painting or something else.

Best gift ideas for boyfriend
Best gift ideas for boyfriend

Conclusion: Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Choosing the right gift could be as important to you as to them. So make sure you do a bit of research if you want to get the perfect gift for him. Ask him first about his favorites before you reach a decision. If you’re planning a trip or a restaurant date, keep his allergies in mind. After all, you wouldn’t want it to get ruined. Don’t forget to wrap the gift all nice and tidy!

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13 Cool Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

  1. Watch
  2. Perfume
  3. Gift Set
  4. Clothes
  5. Shoes
  6. Restaurant Date
  7. Wallet
  8. Concert Ticket
  9. Device (PlayStation)
  10. Musical Instrument
  11. Sports Equipment
  12. Books
  13. A Pet

Written by: Turfa Nadeem