How To Develop Charismatic Personality – 3 Ways To Be More Charismatic

Charismatic people draw attention to them as soon as they walk into a room. They possess a magnetic and influential personality which makes them attractive to others. But the Question is, can we too develop such charisma to make people attracted to us? Or it’s just a genetic type of thing and we can’t get it.

It’s not something that you get from childhood. Your environment is responsible for your personality. If someone is living in a family where people crack jokes every time on everything, then he will have a great sense of humor. Similarly, if someone belongs to an educated and respected family, he’ll treat people in a respected way and with good manners.

Everyone is capable of developing charisma and great personality traits. It doesn’t matter from which family he belongs to or in what kind of environment he is living in.

Here we’ll tell you some traits, if you practice and apply them in your behavior, you’ll be able to develop a charismatic personality.

1- Presence | Build Charisma 

The most important aspect of charisma is “Presence”. Presence is about being engaged with people. Showing people you are giving them your full attention. If you don’t have confidence you’ll look like a shy or uninterested person, But without presence, you’ll like a person who is only interested in showing off.

Never be egoistic, give people your full attention, and stay positive. Listen to them and show interest in them. Ask about the things they love to do.

Pay attention to every single word they speak. Don’t sit there and think about what you are going to say next, listen to them actively. Everyone wants to feel important. So when you make them realize that they are important, they’ll like you in return.

2- Build Your Confidence 

Confidence is something which is not easy to build. But it’s a very important part of being charismatic. If you want to develop a charismatic personality, then you must be a confident person first.

If you have a purpose of life and goals, you’ll be more confident. Pick a cause of living, set goals and act like you know where you are going in your life.

A lot of things affect your confidence. It could be your skin color, your voice tone, your knowledge or physical appearance. If you are not confident, it means that there are some things in your life that you are insecure about.

We can change our self and can work on our insecurities at a certain level. And Finally, we need to accept the things we do have. Confidence is all about being okay with what we really are. People like confident people even if their other qualities are not much attractive.

3- Master Basic Communication Skills 

No doubt Communication skill is king skill. Learn how to talk to people, because charismatic people are very good at communicating with others. They know how to start a conversation, keep it in the right direction and make others feel comfortable and easy.

If you don’t know the basics of conversation skills then practice. Be creative and think about what things you wouldn’t and would like to talk about. If someone tells me these words, how would I feel, what will be my reaction? If that thing makes you uncomfortable, then it will definitely make them uncomfortable.

Make Eye Contact

Being good at communicating with others, the first thing that you must consider is your eye contact. We usually do not like a person who doesn’t make eye contact with us. I hate my friend who talks to me and doesn’t make eye contact. Maybe he is shy or not confident.


Have a little smirk on your face while walking in a street. When you see someone you know give a genuine smile. It’ll be very attractive to others. I have a friend who does this whenever he sees me. He greets me with a smiling face and I can see his smile through his eyes. Just because of this little thing about him, I really like him and want to spend more time with him.

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