7 Cheesy Pickup Lines to Make Your Crush Smile

Are you confused about the cheesy pickup lines that make your crush smile? Don’t know what to say to your crush to impress them? This is the problem that everyone is facing these days.

Getting the best pickup lines is a tough thing because you can’t impress someone with your lame words. You have to think out of the box to impress them.

Pick up lines are hard to think of as they have to be attractive and catchy. It should make your crush smile and blush. They have to be so simple that your crush should get it in no time. And if your crush smiles back then understand that you have done the part of your job. 

Now, what is the right time to use cheesy pickup lines? Consider, if you are having an argument with your crush then use a cheesy pickup line as it can save you from a big fight.

A relationship expert claims that girl really feels attractive toward guys who have a good sense of humor and can make them smile. If you want to be one of them, then these pick up lines can help you a lot. 

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7 Cheesy Pickup Lines To Make Your Crush Smile

Cheesy Pickup Lines

Here are some of the amazing 7 pickup lines to make your crush smile. Believe me; these lines are so cheesy that your crush will be impressed by you on the spot. Don’t forget to share these lines with your friends as well. 

1- Somebody Call the cops because it’s got to be illegal to look that good

A pick line like that can be used to compliment your crush Like she comes to see you and there is some sort of nervousness on her face about how is she looking.

Then there you can play your card by placing this sentence as a pickup line. Try to scare her first by making weird expressions then place this pickup line. You can see the glow on her face. You’ll make her feel more confident about herself. And nothing better than this you can do for her.

As it alternative, you can also use a pickup line like” You might be asked to leave soon as you are making the other women look bad.”

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2- Did the sun come out or you just smile at me?

This is one of the most popular cheesy pickup lines you’ll find on the internet. You can use it to compliment your crush smiles. If you are one of those people, who thinks that their crush has the best smile. And by seeing her, your heart smiles.

Then take a moment out to appreciate it. Her smile is the most attractive thing on her face. Say it to make your crush feel good. And after saying that you can see the answer to your question whether the sun comes out or she just smiles.

3- Is your name Google? Because you have everything, I’ve been searching for

If your relationship has just started, then this would be the right time to use this pickup line. And you feel that it is the right time to express your feelings. By saying it you actually telling her that the biggest worry of finding a girl has come to an end. 

The right way to use it is by splitting it in two-part like first take a pause after is your name Google? Let her answer to that and when she says something like what, why asking this? Then say the other it because you have everything I’ve been searching for. This is one of the best cheesy Pickup lines that can make her blush.

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4- They say Disney land is the happiest place on the Earth. Well apparently, no one has ever been standing next to you

If you are willing enough to tell your crush how happy you become when you are with her. Instead of saying a boring line like you make me happy. That doesn’t sound great.

You can use this pickup line, and it is so simple to understand that she will get it in no time. It will make her blush for sure. So this one of the most used cheesy pickup lines can help you to rule over her heart. 

5- I may not be a genie, but I can make your dreams come true

You may not be the genie from Aladdin, but you can make her all dream come true.  So if you want to tell your girlfriend that you can fulfill all her dream. Then tell her by using this as a pickup line. 

Also, don’t forget to mention the advantages over genie-like she can make more wishes than three. She doesn’t have to rub the lamp in order to summon you.

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6- I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?

If these are one of the times, you didn’t feel confident enough to ask her phone number. And being in that situation, you can’t think of anything else. You also don’t want to lose the opportunity.

Then you can use this pickup line in order to get a phone number. It sounds a little bit cheeky, but it is a lot better than saying that can I get your phone number.

7- Aren’t your leg hurting? For running over my mind from the day I meet you

This is the indirect proposal for your crush. In this way, you are telling her that you can’t think of anything else since the day you meet her. This is the smartest and funniest way to express your feeling.

The direct proposal is too common nowadays, and no one finds it intriguing and pleasant. To try something unique and attractive, you can use it.

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Conclusion: Cheesy Pickup Lines To Make Your Crush Smile

Cheesy Pickup Lines

Pick lines can save you from embarrassment or from the fear of not saying it correctly. So don’t hesitate to use it they may sound a little bit cheeky. But it’s fine. By using these lines, you can hide your nervousness and can make your crush smile instead of placing them into an awkward moment.  

Furthermore, it will become an everlasting memory. Like if it works then after a few years your crush will remind you what you have said to her in order to get her phone number. And you both can laugh over those things.

So just keep a smile on your face and go for it. Keeping that in your mind you don’t have anything to lose and it won’t cost you your life. 

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