8 Tips: How To Make A Girl Feel Special

How to make a girl feel special? No doubt that every girl wants to feel special. She feels good to know that people care for her. And She can easily connect with those people who care for her and make her feel special and important. For this, you have to be careful in choosing the right moves to show affection to her.

It’s not difficult to make a girl feel special as you need some tips which include giving her respect, attention, and love. 

If you want to make a girl feel special, you need some of the authentic ideas. In this way, you can make deep bonds with her and show her how much you care about her.

Now, let try some tricks that will help to win the girl’s heart.

8 Tips on how to make a girl feel special

Here are some fantastic tricks that will help you to know a girl better and also you can make her feel special too. I know it can be hard for you for the first time, but once you have started the process, you can become a winner.

1- Compliment her on personality and looks

Girls love those guys who are genuine and respectful as they are hard to find these days. And guys who respect and appreciate women. You should make her believe that you are one of those.

So for that, you should use the correct words to compliment her. It’s all about your communication skills when it comes to a girl; you have to be careful with your words. 

Complimenting her respectfully is extremely important. Tell her that she is pretty and beautiful not only from outside but also from inside. She has a great personality.

Tell her about her generosity and kindness toward others. Make her feel that you know her very well, and you observed her keenly. Appreciate her about her personality can help you gain some plus points. It will convey your message that she is on your mind. 

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2- Try to know her personally

To develop a strong bond with the girl, you have to be a different person than all of her friends. The way you can be is by knowing her personally.

You need to know all her likes and dislikes, her favorite places, her family and her friends. It can be easily done by spending more time with her. Be there for her in all her good and bad times.

Show your concern for her. Make her believe that you know her more than she knows about herself. This will help you to get her attention and make her feel that you are interested in her life.

3- Spend time with her

How to make a girl feel special? Don’t try to be over smart by showing her that you have a hectic life. Such moves can cost you a lot. It can make her think that you are a hard person to get.

So you need to make her think that even though you have a busy life, but still, you are always available for her. Make her believe that you are very important for her than the other things in your life.

Let her know that seeing her is essential for you. And that you value her presence in your life.

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4- Show her that you listen to her carefully

You should make her believe that whenever she is telling you something about her likes and dislikes, you are listening to it very carefully.

The next time you meet her, you can surprise her by doing acts like buying a small gift, taking her to places which she used to tell you about. 

These are the way you can score better by showing her that you listen to her carefully and making her believe that you heard her. 

5- Look only toward her

If you want to make a girl feel special, then you should only look toward her.  Even if she did not notice that but the people around her can play an essential role by conveying your message.

Her best friend can help you in this way by telling her that I think this guy is interested in you. Therefore, you shouldn’t be the guy who eyeballs every girl in the room. Ask questions about her from her friend. And make it clear to them that she is special in your life.

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6- Take stand for her

Like another person, she has some goals to achieve and a different perspective towards things. And there are people in her life which opposes her, bully her and try to let her down. 

You have to be sure that you are not one of them and not even near to them. Tell her that you support her no matter what and she is doing great. Tell her not to worry about such things.

Try to speak up for her and to be there in her bad times. If you are around those people who put her so, have to be that person who takes stand for her. It will make her believe that you are different and a supportive person in her life.

7- Remember things related to her

Whether it is her birthday or the first conversation you have with her. You have to remember that and remind her things like the first time you talk to me.

Remind her all the memories which include her and you. It will impress her eventually. Tell her some good and also the bad memories of her with you. Tell her that there were times when he thinks you were right and I was wrong. It will make her feel how much you value her in your life.

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8- Notice little changes in her

When she does something new than her daily routine, you should take notice of that. It can be a new haircut she gets or any change in her personality. Tell her you noticed it and whether you like it or not.


If you know that she is the person you were looking for all the time. Then you should not be late in making a move. You can get help by all these tricks such as complimenting her, spending time with her, knowing her personally, taking a stand for her and noticing every little change in her. If she sees you in the same way, then you will get to know that by her response.

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